29 Years and Counting!

In honor of our 29th wedding anniversary, here is a poem I wrote years ago for my husband. Some of you may remember it…


The Box

You placed it in my hands, adorned with a red bow
only a short clip of time had passed by our window

After pulling out tissue paper of white
I was entranced by the amazing sight

For inside was a lifetime together and
a house to be filled by the love we would gather

The walls stood bare waiting for memories to dress
showing reasons for us feeling truly blessed

The best gift of all, though, I am thrilled to say
was your heart at the bottom, committed to stay

Lauren Scott © 2018
Photo: Google

our wedding jan 21 18989

(Over the years, some things have changed besides us getting older :). God Bless my husband’s mom and both of my parents as they rest in Heaven. And we hope for  another 29 years, so we can continue growing old together.) 💕

41 thoughts on “29 Years and Counting!

    • Thanks, Betty, for your lovely comment. We actually went away for the weekend and had a great celebration. The last time we went away, we carried backpacks, so this time, the luxury was nice for us both. 🙂
      I hope you had a good weekend, too. Sending love and hugs! ❤🥂🎼😊🌻☕

  1. Ahh…Lauren, what a beautiful poem and wonderful moving sentiment…Wishing you both a very special and magical anniversary and many many more years together! 😀 Your warmth, joy and kindness shine through in the poem and lovely photographs! xxx

    • Thanks so much, Annika, for your beautiful comment about the poem and photos. I still have my wedding dress, and I also have my mom’s from 1945. 🙂 We actually went away for the weekend and had a magical celebration. Now, heading towards our 30th! Have a lovely day, my friend. 💕xoxo

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