18 thoughts on “Glory of the Season

  1. On my way home today I saw a really pretty tree. She wasn’t very tall but she made up her size by being wide. Her branches made her top round. Most of her heart shaped leaves had fallen. Those left were a bright yellow that made her unique beauty stand out. The few leaves were space giving her lovely uniqueness balance. I caught a glimpse from the moving car wishing I could have caught a photo of her.

    1. She sounds beautiful, Kim! It’s too bad you couldn’t get a photo, but at least she is in your memory. The fall colors are a glorious visual to this season that precedes the holidays…hope you have a good weekend. ♥

    1. Thanks, Michelle, and again, my thoughts are the same but with summer and fall. 🙂 It’s been warm, but it’s supposed to cool off again. It’ll be a nice change with the beautiful colors. Much love and lots of hugs! xo

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