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I would like to thank Jean at for tagging me in this challenge.

Have you ever wondered how you’d meet your soul mate? In sixth grade I actually believed that I’d be a wife and a mom with two children at the age of twenty-four.  I had it all planned out. However, I didn’t meet my husband until I was twenty-six and my second child wasn’t born until I was thirty-four so clearly my plan was overdue!

We met while working for the same company. During that time I decided to move and I needed to sell my refrigerator. I placed an ad in the break room and later that night he called me to buy it.  I suggested he look at it first so he came over to my apartment the next night, checked it out and bought it! The plan was for him to pick it up the following Saturday.

On Saturday he drove to my place using a friend’s truck, loaded the frig and we chatted for a bit before he left. Through our conversation I discovered the apartment complex I was moving to was only ten minutes away from where he lived.  It was almost too perfect…

After the frig was all bought and sold, the next weekend he called me while visiting his family for Thanksgiving  and as a nice gesture he sent me flowers. Upon his return home he asked me out and I didn’t have to think about it! I felt something I had never felt before, obviously something was happening! The rest is history! We dated for six months, he popped the question and we were married six months later.

I don’t have a photo of that magical frig and we later sold it but after almost twenty-seven years of marriage, that appliance brought us together. Funny how things happen. This is one example of how accidental meetings sometimes work out better than looking for love “in all the wrong places.” And that, my friends, is a brief summary of how a simple appliance can become a “love connection!” 🙂

(Photo: Google images)

Here are the rules for the “Five Photos Five Stories” challenge: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.

My first nomination for the challenge is Irene over at 


35 thoughts on “Love Connection ~ Five Photos/Five Stories 1

  1. I really liked that story, I also like the masthead photo of the Bay Area. I don’t know how many times I’ve flown into there and seen some of the familiar landmarks. My girls did their college work up in the Napa Valley.

    1. Thanks, Ian, regarding the story and the header. The photo was taken from the Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco to your right…That’s great about your girls doing college work in Napa. It’s so beautiful there…It’s definitely a small world in many ways..

  2. Great real life story Lauren, who would have considered a cold old fridge could be the beginning of a hot torrid love affair, culminating in 27 years of marriage, lots of romance in that story Lauren, and will surely be handed down in family records.

    1. Thanks, Jean, very unique, isn’t it? 🙂 No we didn’t dilly-dally. At that age I suppose we both had dated enough and knew we wanted to be together. 🙂 Whatever works for each couple, it doesn’t matter! ♥

    1. I know, it probably is, Michelle! What can I say? 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it though. I always love hearing how couples meet. Sending many hugs back and I’ll be on vacation for a week unable to blog. So have a wonderful week, too, and I’ll see when I return. ♥ xx

  3. So wonderful of you to share your experience with us Lauren…beautiful! All it takes is one look…at each other, not the refrigerator of course!! I believe more and more in this day that all things happen for a reason. My wife Andrea began working for the same company as I just two days after I had to rush out of town for my mother’s medical emergency (we nearly lost mom). When I called the office first thing Monday morning to check on things and take care of business, Andrea’s first questions then and for the next week were always about mom’s status…she would NOT discuss business before I assured her mom was rallying!

    That kind of first encounter (close encounter??) leaves a powerful impression and we, too, were married in our first year together….nearly fifteen years ago.

    And, of course…you know that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly!! A well-stocked fridge is, well…you know! 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Don, and I truly enjoyed reading about yours, too, except for your Mom’s medical emergency. But I was glad to read she was doing okay…congrats on 15 years! That’s a long time, too, and I wish for many, many more for you and Andrea! I’ve been on vacation so sorry for the late reply but I hope all is well and I wish you a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  4. What an unusual way to meet your man! I’ve never heard of anyone meeting in that way before. It seems a fridge you need to get rid of, can be very useful! 😉 So you ended up sharing the same fridge in the end!!! 😀

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