Something to Say

I have a thought
anxious to be said
it’s been lingering for hours
inside of my head

It’s a very kind thought
I’m sure you’ll agree
so sit right down
and listen to me

It comes with words
to warm your heart
but listen intently
they’re not the best part

They’re only a fraction
of what this thought is
the words unsaid
you don’t want to miss

First let me just say
I appreciate your patience
sitting there nicely
attentive and gracious

Yet fearing a blunder
after all thisΒ preparation
I’m feeling distraught
with much exasperation

So I say with regret
and embarrassment this day
my thought, so important
has somehow slipped away!

Lauren Scott Β© 2015

33 thoughts on “Something to Say

  1. Oh yes!! I can relate so much to this! Where do those thought go to, the ones that don’t manage to crawl back?! There must be millions off them out there among the clouds!

    This even happens to six year olds! We were skyping on James’ birthday the other day and he kept saying he had something very important to ask us. Well, a minute later when we said go ahead James, he got really upset because he had totally forgotten his question, bless him. We all tried to make him feel ok but he was almost in tears, little love 😊❀️ Xxx

  2. This was so witty. Sadly for me, it is true. When my children were all at home, I could keep all of their schedules, my husband’s schedule, and my own, plus remember what I needed at the grocery all without post-it notes or calendars. Those were the good old days. Speaking of post-its and remembering, my husband did (and still does) use post-it notes constantly. He had them stuck everywhere. One morning on my husband’s birthday. our sons got up early and stuck hundreds of post-its all over each other. They came downstairs to wish their Dad a happy birthday. OMG! It was the funniest thing.

    1. Thanks, Michelle, and I LOVE your story, which made me laugh…Those are great memories, aren’t they? I couldn’t live without post-it notes and wish I had invented them. πŸ™‚ Before I wrote this I was thinking of something, which of course slipped away, and there was the humorous inspiration. Hope you’ve had a good week, so far! β™₯

  3. What an unforeseen twist in your thoughtful verses Lauren Dear!An ephemeral thought that slipped away and left poetry showing its indeterminable face … But,it will come back,it will …
    Until then,sending love & more your ways ❀ xxx

    1. Haha, Deb, yes you do! You write great poetry because I’ve read it. And thank you, my friend! This began with no ending in sight and then the twist came to mind. It was fun! Hugs! xoxo

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