Flirting Forever :)

He: You’re easy on the eyes
She: I have to say likewise
He: Can I have your number?
She: Only if you’ll remember
He: Will you go out with me tomorrow night?
She: It would be a delight
He: The night was amazing
She: You have my heart racing
He: Can I kiss you goodnight?
She: I was hoping you might
He: Can I see you again?
She: I’d like that, when?
He: How about us together?
She: I’m thinking forever

I posted this two years ago (Jan. 2012) and
thought it would be fun to share again.
So I hope you enjoy a little “playful” for your Monday.
Happy Labor Day! ♥


49 thoughts on “Flirting Forever :)

    1. Thanks, Naima! This probably isn’t reality, but “cute” is fun sometimes. I’m so out of the dating scene to even know what guys are like these days, but I would like to think there are some who still have even a little bit of sensitivity left in them. xx

      1. You sound just like me when I was dating and I eventually found a sensitive guy, so keep the hope alive! They’re out there! 🙂 Have a good Tuesday. My Monday is coming to an end very soon.

    1. Thanks so much, Deb! Sometimes it’s fun to write something cute and less serious..I hope you’ve had a good Labor Day. My hubby hasn’t felt good all weekend; his timing is impeccable for the holiday weekend. 🙂 But it’s been okay, very relaxing and productive in getting things done around here. He’s feeling a little better, too, just in time for work tomorrow! Many hugs to you! xo

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