32 thoughts on “Raw Emotions

  1. Those walls of fear in Palestine, are actual concrete walls that separate them from the whole world. In the West Bank children are dying to go to the beach (which is only few hours far) and yet they’re not allowed to. Like their families in Gaza, they live on the beach and can’t do anything about it, they’re living inside this air prison waiting to be murdered and massacred every single day.

    A great poem my friend. I love it.

    1. Thanks, Christy…all the unrest in the middle east and the recent murder of American Journalist, Jim Foley…I’m sure we’re all heartbroken, but I had one of many moments where it just got to me and so I wrote these few words…xx

  2. Beautiful, if sadly, tragically, expressed, Lauren. I was only thinking last night how overwhelming all the violence happening around the world is, especially as it affects the most innocent (children and animals). Let’s believe that each thought, each word, each hope for healing and peace will eventually have some effect. XO ❤

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