A Tribute to All Moms ♥

Mother's Day Roses from Matthew 2014

Making everything perfect with her loving care
she’s an unselfish soul and always “there”
Under her wing is abundant warmth and comfort
she shelters with grace to avoid any hurt
Like a rose, her beauty shines forever
unlike its lifespan, her love never withers
She exemplifies a rainbow, beauty of many colors
bold for self confidence, pastel for helping others
She cares for people, before putting herself first
her heart’s full of kindness, joyfully eager to burst
With a butterfly’s elegance, she floats from task to task
her smile continues from early dawn to dusk
She’s a daughter, sister, lover and friend
a gentle spirit and shoulder unto the end
She’s an angel on earth; her spirit is divine
she’s a lovely blessing and truly one of a kind

Lauren Scott © 2012
Sharing an oldie,
wishing all you wonderful Moms

a special day filled with relaxation
or whatever your heart desires.
And to my Mom watching over us,
it’s been 2 years, but you’re in

our thoughts and hearts,
not only on this day,
but everyday. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 
Love and Hugs, Lauren ♥

30 thoughts on “A Tribute to All Moms ♥

    1. Thanks, Cha! I did have a great time; our daughter was home for the weekend, so we had both kids to celebrate Mother’s Day and our son’s birthday! 🙂 And your Mom is lucky to have you as a daughter, too!

      1. You’re welcome and thank you! I wish I had but my babies are still too young to appreciate me 🙂 Also, here in Kuwait, Mother’s Day was last March.

      1. It was back in March here in the UK.. but we had a lovely family meal out for 10 of us, which was a continuation of my B’day celebrations 🙂 So it was great! xxx

      2. Aww…it sounds like you had a wonderful time and extended bday celebration. Sorry, I forget in the UK you celebrate in March! I need to write that down! 🙂 Hugs! ♥

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