A Tribute to All Moms ♥

Mother's Day Roses from Matthew 2014

Making everything perfect with her loving care
she’s an unselfish soul and always “there”
Under her wing is abundant warmth and comfort
she shelters with grace to avoid any hurt
Like a rose, her beauty shines forever
unlike its lifespan, her love never withers
She exemplifies a rainbow, beauty of many colors
bold for self confidence, pastel for helping others
She cares for people, before putting herself first
her heart’s full of kindness, joyfully eager to burst
With a butterfly’s elegance, she floats from task to task
her smile continues from early dawn to dusk
She’s a daughter, sister, lover and friend
a gentle spirit and shoulder unto the end
She’s an angel on earth; her spirit is divine
she’s a lovely blessing and truly one of a kind

Lauren Scott © 2012
Sharing an oldie,
wishing all you wonderful Moms

a special day filled with relaxation
or whatever your heart desires.
And to my Mom watching over us,
it’s been 2 years, but you’re in

our thoughts and hearts,
not only on this day,
but everyday. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 
Love and Hugs, Lauren ♥

In Loving Memory of Mom for Mother’s Day ♥

I’m reblogging this from last year in memory of Mom for Mother’s Day. “We’ll miss you, Mom, but you live in our hearts everyday.” ♥

Baydreamer ~ Lauren Scott

When I think of Mom, I think pink
Cherry blossoms in the spring
I think elegance and grace
and I envision her beautiful face
Her smile would warm others for miles
When I think of Mom
I’m saddened to know
I can’t call her and hear her “hello”
but I can see her
clearly as the garden from my window
and each day she graces my memories
while my love for her grows

© LScott 2012

Mom ~ June 1921 – February 2012

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Blue Eyes

I had to re-post for my son, too,
from 10.17.11~

I watch you
as you play
a simple toy
a swing or slide
a shovel in the sand
all big adventures
I take your hand
as we walk
a subtle breeze
blows your
light brown hair
not a summer day
but a warm day
in winter
Your smile is brighter
than sunshine
My days are bright
with Blue Eyes

© LScott 1997

This was written when my son was just a little guy.
The photo was scanned, so it’s not the best
and  his blue eyes aren’t noticeable,
but he has them like his daddy!
(He’s 6’1″ and almost 17 now)

Tiny Hands

Thinking of Mother’s Day early,
I’m re-posting this from 11.12.11~

I am little, not tall at all
I can do more than crawl
I’m eager to touch all I see
I can almost pat your knee
I give you a hug and a kiss

I see you’re in pure bliss

I give you a warm smile

I can tell it’s worthwhile

I giggle (music to your ears)

I see you laugh and I see tears

I like when you call me “small fry”

I know I’m loved even when I cry

I’m irresistible to your heart

I’m like a tiny work of art

I make you melt when in your arms

I hold your love with all my charms

I’m cuddly like a teddy bear

I know nothing can compare

I know you love each other

I know your love made me

I’m just thankful we’re together
I’m happy you’re my family

This photo is of my daughter, taken 18 years ago~
© LScott 2011