A Taste of Bittersweet

The clock turned a deaf ear
to my desperate pleading, for
its hands have moved forward
rapidly and no matter where
our time is spent, the elephant
is in the room.

You whispered reasons for
leaving, but my vision was
clouded by the love in your eyes
and the romance in your touch.
I gave them little thought.
Now they clutter my dreams
and my heart is heavy.

I cannot bear to lose a part of
me; to watch you walk into the
future without my shadow.
You are my lift to each day in
dawn’s early light and my calm
when the sun sets for a night of rest.

Will our love bear the strength
to connect our paths, never-ending?
Or will this truly mean good-bye
with our souls needing mending?

Lauren Scott © 2014

31 thoughts on “A Taste of Bittersweet

  1. I love a dark poem as you know but I must admit I got to the second sentence of the second stanza and went looking for that fiction word I have seen you use before but didn’t find it first glance, and my heart skipped a beat. Finally found it! I then got to actually reading the whole thing and it reminded me of my parents when they broke up. That’s not a bad thing, I always get excited when I can identify with something. Love it ❤

    1. Sorry to make your heart skip a beat, Bianca, but glad you found the “fiction!” I’m glad you could identify with my words, but also sad…thank you for your complement, though! ♥

  2. Just lovely, Lauren – and glad it is fiction, though every author melds their feelings and experiences into their writing, perhaps all the more in fiction – in this case, time, its passing, ‘the elephant in the room’ is a real experience … for us all.

    This poem is so beautifully worded and phrased and I was especially moved by:
    “to watch you walk into the
    future without my shadow.”

    Very fine writing! XO ♥

    1. Thanks so much for all you said, Diane, and yes, “the elephant in the room” is real for most in some way, I’m sure…I value your feedback, always! ♥ xoxo

  3. Lauren, very sad poem but strongly written! You captured the real emotions felt when one hears the words I am leaving…I too am glad that you had fiction at the bottom of the page my sister! I
    read it three times…awesome poem!

    1. It was time for some “sad” in the mix, Wendell, and thank you for your awesome comment. I can’t imagine what I would write if it were non fiction! It would be much more dramatic, I think, and probably not polished, at all. 🙂 Love and hugs to you!

  4. You whispered reasons for leaving, but my vision was clouded by the love in your eyes and the romance in your touch… nice! 🙂
    Really sad though… a longing for dreams that might get cut short.
    The words speak with so much emotion.

    1. Thanks so much and I appreciate you pointing out your favorite lines. I was in the mood to write some melancholy, but it is fiction…although, very real for most of us at some time in our lives…

  5. Strong poetic words smoothly flowing and warm bittersweet feelings touched by melancholy … Sad or glad,it all becomes memory into the course of time when they cross the threshold of past. Yet,there is some hope to keep it still alive,to delay its decay … I read it in your last verses, where there is a big question mark …
    Fiction or not,the poet’s source of inspiration should cover all aspects of life … Doda 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Doda, for your comment that made me speechless. Your words alone have a poetic ring and really enhance my post, as well! I appreciate your visits, too, and I hope you continue to enjoy when you do stop by. 🙂 xxx

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