All Over Again

Redwoods edited for blog 2013

I thought we had bid farewell
instead, while sweeping
under one of our rugs
its existence glowed
like an October prank
My sanity experienced
an immediate tug

The spirits of my shoulders
dropped with great speed
and the weight of their tears
caused my heart to sink
into a dark abyss
with rejuvenated fears

I remember being thrilled
with its absence
dancing through my days
now I look at my reflection
in the mirror and see traces
of a familiar, emotional maze

The need to blame
is so very strong
I know it’s not right
but I long for someone
to offer their hand,
catch my pleading words
as they roll from my lips
and for a face with kind eyes
to tell me this is just
a vivid nightmare,
not a rewritten script

Repeatedly, I reach for strength,
at times, feeling my fingers slipping
As I kneel, with folded hands,
my heart begs for another error
I silently pray for this presence
to stop haunting our days
and for a beautiful soul to be spared

Lauren Scott © 2013

33 thoughts on “All Over Again

      1. Very sorry to hear that, Lauren. Taking things as they come is probably the best way to handle it. I hope you get some better news soon.

      2. Aww…thanks, Binky, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and positive wishes..I hope so, too, and until then, I suppose writing about it once in awhile helps, also. Take care!

  1. Very moving Lauren, and I can feel fhe pain in your words.

    I see you used the word “cliché” on a previous comment, but cliché or not, “one day at a time” is often the only glue that holds us together.

    Its good you have writing as an outlet for your feelings; I think they are another bit of the glue that holds us too.

    HBL XX

    1. Thanks, Bianca, and I’m okay…it’s something we found out a year ago that was bad, to say the least, but can’t go into detail here…anyway, there’s a lot of gray area and answers we’re seeking, so this cloud still looms and may for a long time. Life is good, but occasionally, a darker poem might come out of this..I do hope it’s not rewritten for you, too! xx

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