Promises – Acrostic











Poetic words slide from your lips, so tenderly, as they

Rest in my heart, softened and beating contentedly

Oh, you need not say more, for you’ve already

Mesmerized my soul to its very core and

I shall guard your love eternally, for

Surely, you can see the same

Emotions in my eyes,


Lauren Scott © 2013
Photo: Google Images

34 thoughts on “Promises – Acrostic

  1. You prompted this, if I might share

    Perfect day
    Romance in the air
    Oblivious to all
    My focus on her
    Invariably it ends
    Sad goodbyes brim
    Eyes turn wet
    Sobs fill the air

    Dark I know – unlike your poem, so lovely and eternal.


    1. Thanks so much, Shelia! This was a prompt on another blog that I wrote in about 3 minutes, then edited it a little and decided to post it here. I haven’t done an acrostic in a long time. I’m working on a Sonnet, which is a little more challenging. 🙂 Have a fun and safe day! xo

    1. Thanks so much, Cha, I feel the same and I’m glad you enjoyed this one, too! We had a mellow Halloween, maybe 15 kids and of course, it’s different for us now with our daughter out of the house and our son being 18. Very mellow, but it’s all good! 🙂

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