Need You Now

I thought I would share another song;
one of my favorite love songs from Lady Antebellum.
I love their harmony, his voice and the piano..
I’ve tried writing poems from songs,
but I end up coming up with the lyrics! 🙂
So I hope you enjoy this musical intermission.

23 thoughts on “Need You Now

  1. I’ve written a lot of different things — blog posts, a couple of books, and with articles for newspapers and magazines — but still envy those of you who can actually write poetry. Since mine is pitiful, I rely on the songs of others, as I’m doing with my latest blog (to be 100 music videos, intended as a surprise anniversary present for my wife).

    I’m also including the songs of other happy couples, so if you or your readers are interested in contributing to my project, you can see it at

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