22 thoughts on “Parcels to God

    1. Aww…thanks, Chris, and that’s a wonderful idea…maybe I should compile these into a separate book? Hmmm…you have me thinking and that’s dangerous, my friend! 🙂 HBL ♥ xoxo

  1. Lovely thought, Lauren, and a wonderful reminder that all our needs are important to God.
    God bless, my friend, and have a great weekend!

  2. Preparing to leave home for the jeweller’s, to set my girlfriend’s (now wife) engagement diamond, I dropped it. It was tiny but represented years of savings – hundreds of hours of back breaking overtime work.

    How I searched on hands and knees.

    Then, I looked up and saw Your picture – spied a sliver of sticker tape I had not removed. With that tape, I managed to pick up that precious stone.

    In my desperation, I had not even uttered a prayer – yet, You heard the cry in my heart.

    You hear everything.

    1. Oh, Eric, you have such a way with words, my friend…I’m so glad that precious stone was found! Thanks, always, for sharing your beautiful comments! I need to catch up in your world, too! 🙂

    1. Aww…thanks, Diane! I’m toying with the idea of self publishing or just having a book put together and printed and then Chris brought up this new idea for my photos/quotes. Maybe I’ll do two different books. I need to get going because I think it’s something my Dad would love to see in print…I would dedicate them to Mom, too, which we would also love. Anyway, thanks for all your support, my friend! xoxo

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