This is another poem I contributed to Scott’s awesome new blog, where he unselfishly shares the work of others. So I hope you’ll take the time to visit his site and you’ll be amazed at all the lovely talent!

8 Minutes or Less

Lying on the sand
contoured to our needs
no one watches
but the moon and stars
and if they could talk
what a story to be told

We’re all alone
You and me
with souls entwined
we share ecstasy
gliding to the melody
played by the waves
their rhythm joins us
in the moves we create

Can we stay,
skin on skin,
and begin again?


7 minutes


Scott’s rave: Wow, my eyes and soul just drank a cafe mocha with whipped cream! I think all my favorite poets are trying to give me an art attack of sensual flow. This one from LScott is obviously no exception and seems to bring together everything one could hope for in describing such a moment. The setting and sensual embrace of both soul and body. So beautifully composed LScott! Please visit LScott Poetry and dive even deeper…

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