34 thoughts on “Goofy is Good – Haiku

    1. I’m happy you do allow “silly” to enter your life, occasionally, Sis, and thank you so much! My son took the photo and that is my daughter’s life motto. I’m glad I thought to put the two together, ‘cuz I love it, too! xoxo

  1. Gotta love these timely wise words!!! When exactly did we lose that other side of us? Adulthood is so overrated, LOL Lighten up, be silly, play, have fun … life happens (however we allow/choose it to) Great poem Lauren!

  2. “Part of her make-up is smile”–I like that! Here, there is a belief that a smiling face hardly gathers wrinkles. You daughter will live long. And thank you for a fabulous poem.

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