Smile TGIF :) Re-post


Another week of productivity

has sifted through our fingers

A feeling of accomplishment

pleasantly lingers

Now it’s time for our inner-child

to surface, once again

Time for play and relaxation

with our family and our friends!

© LScott 2012

Photo Credit: Google Images


🙂 🙂 🙂

18 thoughts on “Smile TGIF :) Re-post

  1. I like productivity. It’s good to have something to show for your time. The days slip buy so fast Lauren, but this afternoon I did nothing but walk in the sunshine. We have had so many gloomy days – nothing but rain. Today the sun was shining, it was warm, so I went into our little village and just walked around. The bonus – I met so many people doing the same. Playing hookey and happy to just be out and about. Have a wonderful week-end and keep those wonderful words coming. They are an inspiration. XXOO Virginia

    1. I agree, Virginia, and I’m also glad you had some soothing time in the sunshine and I hope you have more this weekend. Ironically, it’s been sunny, clear and in the 60’s here in CA, but we will soon have rain next week again…Thanks so much for your most encouraging words…love and hugs to you! xo

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