39 thoughts on “Magnetism – Tanka

      1. Thanks, Virginia, that’s very sweet of you! I don’t always consider mine very thought provoking, but maybe some are…as long as you enjoy them, that makes me happy!

  1. Julie Catherine

    Oooh, love your Tanka, Lauren! You are such a romantic (I love that about you!) … and your dad’s comment brought tears to my eyes ….. Sending you love and hugs, too! ~ Julie xoxox

    1. Thanks, Julie, and yes, I guess I am and glad you like that part, too! Hee,hee! Thanks for the kind words about my Dad’s comment, too…that was really sweet~sending love and hugs back to you! Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday! xoxo

  2. Oh this was divine…..I love your creative genius and your ability to impact with such few words…..your heart is eternally young and full of purity and joy, and it shows in your words…..Loved this so much and had fun remembering my own intimate moments of breathlessness, caught up in the heady excitement of love’s allure……

    1. Aww…Celeste, your beautiful words are a wonderful and encouraging start to my week! Thank you so much and I know you, for sure, love romance and passion and I’m happy we both have that in our lives! Hugs to you, my friend~

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