She played in a world of Barbies
He formed magical lands of Legos
They created art with crayons
and they both loved reading their books

A sister and brother
who got along quite well
They were friends to each other
It was easy to tell

Still buddies in their teens and twenties
through laughter and tears
They’re a team and always will be
into the coming years

Their alliance has sustained
through the growing, awkward ages
They defend, protect and encourage
through the turning of the pages

All the love that they share,
It’s plain to know,
will never be broken
Our Dynamic Duo

© LScott 2012

26 thoughts on “Siblings

    1. Awww…Virginia, I’m sorry if I stirred up unhappy memories, if I’m correct…but, thank you so much for your kind and wonderful words. I am truly grateful for your support! xx

  1. Oh god i remembered how it was with my brother…oh the tears..
    beautiful beautiful beautiful poem Lauren and big hug to those two Cute lil angels who have grown up now 🙂
    love n hugs to both

    1. Isn’t it fun to relive those wonderful memories? Thank you soooo much, for your kind words, Soma…and the hugs are appreciated too for my little, big kids now! 🙂 Hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. It is so wonderful, Linda, and I can only hope that they remain close into their futures. I suppose I had a small hand, but I’m grateful they grew up to be good, loving young adults…thanks so much, Linda! xoxo

    1. Well, you made me smile! Sorry, I just can’t resist and looking at these photos brings a tear to my eyes, too! We’re just very lucky they are close and hope they stay close as they get older~love ya bunches! xoxo

  2. Julie Catherine

    Awww, this is beautiful! The brother I grew up with had many issues (as did I) – but I’ve always known that wherever he is, we have a bond of love that will always endure, no matter what. I’m grateful he is still in my life, and that we have found our other siblings. One is no longer with us, but the love has always been there. It’s so touching to read something like this, Lauren, you are indeed blessed. ~ Love always, Julie xoxox

    1. Awww…Julie, I’m glad that you are both close and I’m sorry to hear about your sibling who is no longer with you, but I can feel the love you share with each one of them just through your words alone…thank you for your kind words and sending hugs! xoxo

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