Shifting Love

Our story began as friends
sharing goals for our futures
talking, listening and laughing
like brothers and sisters

Our time spent together
is priceless beyond words
moments we’ve cherished
letting down our guards

Then a revelation came
after seeing him last night
I saw the way he looked at me
and my heart took flight

Without any fair warning
something changed deep inside
I saw him in every tomorrow
until the end of time

Never do I want
our friendship to sever
Never have I felt
so much pressure

My thoughts are confused
My body, perplexed
What shall I do?
What happens next?

© LScott


20 thoughts on “Shifting Love

  1. Francina

    very well expressed how one might have to choose between friendship and love..Lauren. That is always a tricky situation for the coin might fall either way.
    Ciao, Francina xox

  2. This is so very much the way I felt during the time the friendship was turning into romance with my hubbie years ago! Wonderful poem. Very wonderful to celebrate a true love that starts very soundly (and very correctly, in my opinion) as a true friendship!

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