44 thoughts on “Boa Beauty – Haiku

    • I feel your pain and agree with you, Deb! I was surprised that my daughter could do this! But, then again, she’s the one who saves spiders…I’m wondering where she got all this “love” for outlandish nature from! 🙂 Thanks, Deb! xoxo

  1. wonderful haiku, snake … not so much LOL My daughter had a boa in a glass aquarium for awhile, much smaller, younger snake than the one in the pic. I wiggled my finger at it one time and it struck the glass, cracked it!! Pet went bye bye hahahaha … thanks for the smile this morning Lauren.

  2. Great Haiku, Lauren … um, I think I will appreciate the snake from a distance, though – a great distance! LOL! (I think geckos are cute!) 😀 xoxox

    • You LOVE spiders? Oh, Diane, that can’t be true! 🙂 I agree, though, letting this snake lie around my neck would definitely be challenging! And thanks for your kind words about my daughter, too! xoxo

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