The Timepiece

the teen,
Edward was
like a grandpa
and dear friend to the
boy’s grandma, Mabel, at
a time when she persevered
through an unforgettable loss.
Sounds of war vibrated ruthlessly.
Women were placed in subordinate roles.
A pocket watch, timeless in its essence,
a present, golden in tone and worth.
Locomotive chugs down the tracks,
a couple turns makes it tick,
heartbeat of fifty years.
Poignant history,
memories to
visit now
and then…

© Lauren Scott, baydreamerwrites – All rights reserved.


they convinced me
i only had a few good years left
before i was replaced by a girl younger than me
as though men yield power with age
but women grow into irrelevance
they can keep their lies
for i have only gotten started
i feel as though i just left the womb
my twenties are the warm-up
for what i’m really about to do
wait till you see me in my thirties
now that will be a proper introduction
to the nasty, wild, woman in me.
how can i leave before the party’s started
rehearsals begin at forty
i ripen with age
i do not come with an expiration date
and now
for the main event
curtains up at fifty
let’s begin the show

~rupi kaur
“the sun and her flowers”

***I didn’t write this, but wish I had. It is written, however,
just the way the author wrote it in her book. This poem conveys
everything I feel. Women have come a long way in society,
but the subordinate label, as well as ramifications of aging,
continue to pop up now and then. The author has lived
a life difficult to even imagine, and her writing tugs at the
heart and kicks you in the gut simultaneously. I’m currently
reading this book (her second), and I also recommend her
first book, “Milk and Honey.”
Admittedly, when I entered my fifties, I experienced
a similar feeling of dread – “i only had a few good years left.”
I have since then shed that mind-set and replaced it with a
“let’s go” attitude. So, Women, whether you’re warming up,
planning your introduction, busy with rehearsals, or
eager for the main event“You Go Girl!”
~Lauren Scott ❤


The weather and I
aren’t on the same page
Things seem to be moody
at this lovely life stage
One minute I’m fine
just dandy and smiley
The next, I’m fanning
and glowing, quite frantically
Someone made a booboo
and turned on the heat
It wasn’t nice to do
as I’m dying for some ac

Say, could you help me please,
maybe throw me a breeze,
a cold compress, or a spray bottle,
no less?

Oh, wait, it’s slowing down now
the wave seems to be calming
whew, I’m feeling much better
thank you for helping

Really, I’m fine
I’m not going to die
I resemble a human again
(as I lean back and sigh)

© LScott

To all you women who can empathize;
sending hugs and smiles (and fans)


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