A Summer Hello

Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking about you, so I thought I’d send a little note to see how you’re all doing. Maybe I’ve been forgotten, but hopefully not. 🙂

So here’s a little academic update…I was going to take a summer class, but then life intercepted and I chose not to. I’ve already registered for fall though, so I’ll get back into the routine later this month, and I’m taking the last English class needed.

So what’s new with you? How has your summer been? My husband and I spent a week in Lake Tahoe and had a great, relaxing time. Below are a few photos, and I hope life is treating you all well! Sending my love, Lauren ♥


colors 3

Soft serve on a cone
Hot dogs at the fair
Popcorn at the movies
Adventures if we dare
Bikes on the streets
Longer days to play
Sunscreen on our noses
for a hike on any day
Surfers on a wave
Towels on the sand
Parties in the pools
Dancing to the band
Moonlit strolls for lovers
Cool drinks with lime
Oh, how we love you
Sweet, sweet Summertime

Lauren Scott © 2015
(Hope you’re enjoying summer!)
♥ ♥


A Fair Day in Summer

We never miss our county fair!
When the kids were little, the experience was magical,
viewing it through their eyes and excitement.
Now that they’re older, on their own, hubby and I get another date! 🙂

BIRD ON FERRIS WHEEL If you look closely, you’ll see that birds
enjoy the Ferris wheel, too. 🙂

LAGOON AND PAVILIONThis is the lagoon looking to the Pavilion,
where the music groups perform.

STANDING IN LINEStanding in line.

A NEW ANGLEA new angle.

FROM ON TOP OF THE FERRIS WHEELFrom on top of the Ferris wheel,
overlooking the “kiddie ride” side.


IMG_1416The End!

“Spinning rides invite
screaming amusement for all,
Proceed before meals”


I hope you enjoyed this “ride!”