colors 3

Soft serve on a cone
Hot dogs at the fair
Popcorn at the movies
Adventures if we dare
Bikes on the streets
Longer days to play
Sunscreen on our noses
for a hike on any day
Surfers on a wave
Towels on the sand
Parties in the pools
Dancing to the band
Moonlit strolls for lovers
Cool drinks with lime
Oh, how we love you
Sweet, sweet Summertime

Lauren Scott © 2015
(Hope you’re enjoying summer!)
♥ ♥


15 thoughts on “Summertime

    1. Aww, thanks, Michelle! It was definitely a fun and lighthearted poem to write; a nice change…I’m glad you’re enjoying your summer, too! Have a good weekend, as well! Hugs!

  1. So lovely, Lauren!!! Love this one so much.
    Summer is my favorite season! I just wanna quote the whole poem ’cause I can relate so much. lol
    ‘Cool drinks with lime’!!! Caipirinha!!! 😀

    1. Aww, thanks for your awesome comment, Cha! Summer is pretty special and I know most are sad when she leaves us so enjoy while she’s here. And don’t those cool drinks with lime sound good? 😉 ♥

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