The Music

It was a moment
when coyotes sang 
their usual chorus –
running with 
on their backs, over hills

golden from the rays,
no longer emerald by the mist

that carried me into a 
dream state – my breathing
in sync 
with his, our minds
floating in a

even in this tranquil state,
I managed a smile
Frank sang, “Come
with me”

and so, we gently tapped
and swayed to his rhythm,
embracing like there’s no
tomorrow –
a charmed moment of bliss
that ended in one tender kiss

Lauren Scott © 2018

38 thoughts on “The Music

  1. Lauren, a treat to read and I became hypnotised by the lyrical melodic feel of the poem, caught up in the moment leading to that tender kiss! Beautiful! Hope you had a special day of celebration yesterday. Hugs xx

    1. Aww, thanks, Annika! This poem was pending for awhile, and after finally finishing it, I appreciate your lovely words. Our July 4th was fun as we enjoyed a local Firemen’s pancake breakfast, then went to our county fair. I had entered some writing and won two 1st place ribbons and two 2nd place ribbons (1 essay, 3 poems). 🙂 Just a fun thing to do, but I was happy to see blue and red. Many hugs, my friend, for a wonderful weekend, too! xoxo

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