Another Time

In another life
there’d be no
shattered hearts
no lashing tongues
no broken parts
second chances would be
pearls in our palms
there’d be no storm
only divine calm
no hurting souls
feeling empty inside
In another time
love would weave
through lives
creating peace
and a will to survive

© LScott 2013

Hope Unites Globally (HUG) Award (2nd Nomination)

    Hope Unites Globally (HUG) Award

 The HUG Award was given to me a second time by Deb at Thank you so much Deb!  You are a wonderful artist/painter and I love all of your work!  You are inspiring, giving, loving and a beautiful soul.  I am truly honored and humbled you thought of me for this award a second time.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this award, below is some information from the HUG Award web site:

The HUG Award© was initiated by Connie Wayne at A Hope for Today at, which promotes hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.

The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity; Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation; Hope for Oneness

“People do not have to give up or compromise their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs to qualify for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award©. They qualify for the HUG Award© when, without bias or prejudice, they use their resources and gifts to make the world a better place for everyone.”

For more information on this award, please visit:

I became teary-eyed the first time I received this award, which isn’t difficult once you realize all it stands for…through my writing, my intent is to inspire, spread smiles, hope and love. Now, I’m even more humbled to accept this award a second time and will happily pass it on to spread the word about Hope for Our World. I’d also like to thank these people for helping to make the world a better place:

Alex –

David –

Deb –

Jeannie –

Kaytee –

Lane –

Martin –

Renee –

Sharon –

Talin –

Tim –

All sites are listed in alphabetical order. Please visit them, if you haven’t already.  They have truly been an inspiration to me and I know they will continue to spread hope through their wonderful blogs~

Peace, Hugs and Smiles to you all~