In Good Company

When we stroll through
a redwood grove,
our steps become gradual,
knowing we are in
good company.
We don’t want to rush
the experience,
and we won’t hesitate
to hug them with
wide open arms,
because, why not?
They deserve reverence
for their generosity.
You see,
in their company,
we feel silk threads
of peace
flowing through
our hearts and souls,
centering us.
Any worries
our minds before
fall to the earth
to be walked upon
and buried.
And we listen
as their leaves
whisper to us
in the breeze,
“Be filled with joy
and do not fret,
for there is no time
for that nonsense.”

Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.

52 thoughts on “In Good Company

  1. Beautiful description of Our Experiences while walking with these Giant Standing Ones… Who give of their energy, as they watch rooted to the spot all who pass their way through decade after decade…
    Where would we be without Trees… I know personally I would be lost without the woods to walk in..
    Love and Hugs dearest Lauren… Lovely poem.. ❤

  2. “we feel silk threads
    of peace
    flowing through
    our hearts and souls”
    This is gorgeous writing and entirely true. Oh, you make me want to jump in the car and drive to the redwoods right now. I could use some of their healing energy.

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