Fever vs. Muse (Sequel to “Fever”)

Sometimes inspiration pours

like water from a hose

full force, abundant supply

Then there are times

when the paper is stark white

and the inkwell is bone dry

I’ve been panicky and wondering

how long this drought will last

and when it departs

will it stay in the past?

Of course, there’s no way to tell

or would I hear chiming bells?

Well, one thing is for sure

Hot flashes cook brain cells!

This was inspired
by my wonderful blogging sis, Deb,

as she fed me the closing line. (Thanks, Deb)
Ladies, I hope you enjoy

and Men…   🙂

© LScott 2012 – Photo Credit: Google.com




The weather and I
aren’t on the same page
Things seem to be moody
at this lovely life stage
One minute I’m fine
just dandy and smiley
The next, I’m fanning
and glowing, quite frantically
Someone made a booboo
and turned on the heat
It wasn’t nice to do
as I’m dying for some ac

Say, could you help me please,
maybe throw me a breeze,
a cold compress, or a spray bottle,
no less?

Oh, wait, it’s slowing down now
the wave seems to be calming
whew, I’m feeling much better
thank you for helping

Really, I’m fine
I’m not going to die
I resemble a human again
(as I lean back and sigh)

© LScott

To all you women who can empathize;
sending hugs and smiles (and fans)


Photo credit: Google.com