Breaking Through

You are not all sour
even though
striving to prove

I’ll spend eternity
looking for the sweet
inside of you
The transparency
of your mask

beckons me and
I’m inches away from
seeing into your soul
Have you ever
been to the moon?

I can take you there

Lauren Scott © 2015

Behind the Faces




“Be yourself” is
what they say
Let your mask
fall to the ground
(don’t be afraid)
watch all pretenses crumble

yet if they don’t like
what lies beneath 
be aware of the
curve balls of judgment

Where is the truth
in their words?
Each syllable’s tone
sounds compassionate

We could be tone deaf
or maybe we simply
hope for the best

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google images

(I’ve dropped the mask and have been hurt.
I’ve dropped the mask and
have been blessed with good friends.

I still believe in “being yourself” no matter what;
letting your heart lead the way and hoping for the best.)
:♥ ♥ ♥