Breaking Through

You are not all sour
even though
striving to prove

I’ll spend eternity
looking for the sweet
inside of you
The transparency
of your mask

beckons me and
I’m inches away from
seeing into your soul
Have you ever
been to the moon?

I can take you there

Lauren Scott © 2015

27 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Oh Lauren this is lovely! It has to be one of my favourites of your poems. I just love the depth of the messages in so few words. Always, for our time on earth, we have the opportunity to seek for love in all that we see…as the world is just a reflection of who we are. Take me to the moon 😊❤️❤️xx

  2. “The transparency of your mask.”
    That was a very interesting comment. I thought we all had an inner self that no other person could penetrate no matter how close, but you have suggested its possible to penetrate that inner self.

    1. Thanks for your thought provoking comment, Ian…I suppose we are all not as closed in as we’d like to think and maybe seeing more deeply is very possible by the right person or people. At least that’s what I conveyed…:)

  3. Awesome piece with lots of thoughts to ponder on, and yet few lines!
    “You are not all sour”. Not all sour? Maybe quite sour, but there’s sure some sour.
    “even though
    striving to prove”: Striving to prove? Ofcourse there is already some doubt or the obvious portrays the opposite, hence the reason for striving to prove.
    “I’ll spend eternity
    looking for the sweet”: Spending eternity looking for the sweet? Is it so far away or so negligible? Is it infinitesimally small? Why would it take eternity to find? Is there really any sweet or is it all sour?
    And the most interesting part: “inside of you”. The whole sour, sweet, striving to prove, eternity… All inside of you? (Smiles).
    It’s really you who has got something to offer, like seeing through the masks and taking someone to the moon.
    It’s quite an awesome piece like I said, and I enjoyed the pondering that came as a result of it. I just felt like sharing a little.
    Well done!

    1. Aww, Teecee, thanks SO much for your very insightful comment and thoughts that woke my brain up this morning. I’m so glad you shared and your lovely comment at the end warmed my heart, too. If only we could see through the masks that needed seeing through and could travel to the moon like it was a trip to the store. 🙂 Dreams are good for that…have a blessed day, my friend…

  4. You have taken me with you,in high levels and up to the moon … How can I be impassionate while I’m going through the wonderful verses … Have a brilliant day dear friend Lauren 🙂 ❤ xxx

  5. My favorite lines:
    “I’ll spend eternity
    looking for the sweet
    inside of you …”

    Lovingly perfect for this Valentine week. Your poetry is really resonating with many, and that’s wonderful to see. XO ❤

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