I’m over you completely
Where once was a sweetness
that entranced your heart
now lies a bitter taste
keeping us apart

and no, I don’t crave
your feather kisses
your warm embraces
or your slow, soft touches
that bring delicious tingles

and you don’t hold my mind
captive each and every day
in every moment I’m awake
or star in my dreams
creating an emotional ache

Of course, I don’t need you,
like the air I breathe
in each day to survive

You can be sure
I’m doing just fine

© LScott 2013

Photo: Google Images

Amicable Hearts

A universe now altered

since your presence

is ingrained

in everywhere I look

and everything I feel

It’s as though you’re still very real

and yet, it’s your image

that will follow me

indefinitely, so

I’ve tucked the love

that once held your eyes

inside my aching heart

and I haven’t forgotten

your charming smile

I’ll carry them both for awhile

Don’t worry about me

I promise not to break

I’ll miss you, terribly,

but staying close

would be our mistake

When my emotions

have settled

I’ll set you free

and you can look back



© LScott 2012

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