One foot first
then the other,
he stepped inside,

warm ambience
enfolded him,

greetings from
arms open wide…

friendly faces,
smiles seemingly
but for only

before those arms
turned on him,

pushing him out
with smiles
vanishing into
murky atmosphere

he stumbled backwards
over the darkened line
not to be missed

(it was there
for their purpose)

a tug
from the welcome
being extracted
out of his trusting heart
gave him pause

How many rings?

How far
from the inner circle
did he land?

And does it really matter?

© Lauren Scott, Baydreamerwrites.com – All rights reserved.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

69 thoughts on “Rings

    1. I appreciate your description, Liz. This poem isn’t like most of mine. But you’re right in that Curt and John nailed it with their interpretations. Not all poems spread smiles or love, but they need to be written. I wonder if anyone can relate. I would assume “yes.” And age is irrelevant. Thanks for giving this one some thought. ❤️

      1. Yes, I was surprised at how different this poem is from your others that I’ve read. But of course you’re right that poetry need to be all-inclusive of the human experience.

    1. “Only the Inner Ring of the heart truly matters” so true and beautifully expressed, Sue. Thanks for chiming in with this one that is a bit different than most of what I post. But it’s part of life and the myriad of emotions that affect the heart. I appreciate your wonderful words. Hugs ❤️❤️

  1. A tad vague, but vague is good too.
    We live in these invincible inner rings—Some with more space in theirs than others. And sometimes we don’t know how much of it is comfortable for the other to allow. Sometimes we invade the space without meaning to.
    But we must learn to respect each others’ invisible 🫥 spheres. I liked this. Thanks for sharing, Lauren. Blessings. 👏

    1. Thanks so much, Marie, and your words are exactly the message that lies within the lines of my poem. I’ve had so many wonderful interpretations on this that all meld together. Sending you hugs and love, dear friend. 💞💐

  2. Oo, I love the narrative this poem weaves in the most mysterious way until I arrive at those ending lines and am left to ponder the dynamism of the question. Lovely! ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Kym! Usually nature, love, and family inspire my poetry. But as we all know, life draws out many emotions, and unfortunately, feeling joyful isn’t always the case. Anyway, I love that you found this poem powerful. Thanks again! 💞🌼💖

      1. Lauren, the myriad of emotions simply portrays life and that’s what we write about…the things that make us tick and gives us the courage we need when we don’t know how to describe what we feel. That’s the beautiful part about what we do. Stay encouraged! 😍🦋🥰🌺😘

  3. I love this poem because everything we experience is a circle, a cycle, a recycling and so on. A labyrinth. And these lines show we have inner guidance if only we trust ourselves.
    a tug
    from the welcome
    being extracted
    out of his trusting heart
    gave him pause

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