A Sense of Wonder…

I hope these quotes and images leave you with a sense of wonder and inspiration for days to come.
Do you have a favorite that resonates with you?

Take good care, remember to breathe, and don’t forget to smile,
Lauren ❤️

© Lauren Scott, Baydreamerwrites.com – All rights reserved.

68 thoughts on “A Sense of Wonder…

  1. Oh my goodness Lauren, I needed this to kick off my morning! We can all use a little inspiration to energize us and give us hope. The world may be broken, but girlfriend, we certainly are NOT! What? Drop the mic!!! 🎤🎤🎤

    1. I’m so happy these quotes and images were timely for you, Kym! Maybe I needed a little kick off too, so I thought others would enjoy the inspiration! That last quote is from a poem of mine that was published on Spillwords, so it’s pretty special. And it was born organically, out of the blue, really. Anyway, I’m glad my words resonated with you! Thank you SO much! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️🎉🌻

      1. My dear Lauren, when your words can flow so organically, that’s when you know it’s coming from your heart and it’s packed with a power punch of heartfelt emotions. I love it! Continue to let it flow my friend. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs and smooches! 🤗💖😘✨😊

  2. Great mix of photos and sayings, Lauren. My favorites were the first and second. The fourth is particularly appropriate for the times. And what’s not to love about blooming flowers? Was the first photo Crater Lake?

    1. Thanks, Curt! I’m not surprised the first two caught your eye. I agree with you about the fourth one also, and blooming flowers. We can’t live without them! And yes, you are right, the first photo was taken of Crater Lake! Memories of a wonderful trip to Oregon. 🙂

  3. Every visit here leaves me with a sense of wonder, Lauren….
    I love all of them but if I had to choose, for the times we’re living, the last one! 😉
    Many hugs your way, dear friend!

  4. How nice Lauren to start this new month.
    We can all do with great wisdom!!
    My favorite is the second one – nature has its own way of showing us what life is all about. It’s our best friend.
    Have a lovely month of April and stay well and blessed.

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