First Breath

With every new miracle of life
answers aren’t scripted in the stars,
but I knew since your very first breath
my life would become yours.

Through innocent eyes and curious touch
each new discovery you shared,
your smile grew bigger than the sun,
your heart’s elation declared.

You stowed dreams in the clouds,
imaginings rose higher than the heavens.
Cuddling you in that first euphoric light
made me fall in love with you in seconds.

Life has blossomed into delight and wonder
in every part of its glowing greatness,
and with each ounce of my being,
my enduring love for you is ageless.

© Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.
Our children are now 31 & 27, but the love remains ageless. ❤️

73 thoughts on “First Breath

  1. It doesn’t matter how old our children are, they are always our babies and we love them to bits. My son is a grandfather now but he is still my dear little boy!! Love the poem and the pictures.

  2. This is so SWEET Lauren. There is so much love in those lines, it makes me shiver!
    Yes kids stay precious at all ages.
    They are a lifetime gift and you expressed it so well here.
    Stay blessed 💙

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