Simply Enough

Copper Boy

When he trots around on his long legs,
he carries eighty pounds of love.
And those amber eyes see right into
our souls.

When he smiles, his white choppers
shine as if they’ve never caused
any commotion…never mind
the afternoon when he attempted
to eat the barbecue!

When he hears a knock on the door,
his bark echoes across the Golden Gate,
along the marina into San Francisco.
Out of protection? Sure.
But mostly from excitement.

A social butterfly
sporting a Labrador costume,
that’s what he is…
freely passing out his affection,
assuming everyone loves
his slobbery kisses.

But he has a selfish side,
rolling over onto his back,
expecting a belly rub.
And who are we to deny his wishes?
And his ears, like feeling silk
between our fingers.
We can’t get enough.

How amazing to know his love
comes unconditionally.
To know he doesn’t waste minutes
worrying about world events
or whether the pandemic is here to stay.
And he is never one to judge.

He just loves in his simple way,
and we love him back.
And that is simply enough.

© Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.
Photo credit to my son when Copper was a bit younger.


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36 thoughts on “Simply Enough

  1. Awww. Beautiful, Lauren. I love how dogs love unconditionally and don’t worry about anything beyond when we’ll get home to give them more lovin’. I’ve always thought that the world would be a better place if we all tried to be a little more like our dogs. ❤

  2. Copper boy looks smart and awesome. Such a lovely and marvelous poem. Dogs are our best friends and give us unconditional love. I too have a Golden Retriever and her name is Amber and she is a gem of a girl and we all love her. Thanks a lot Lauren.

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Kamal! And I love Golden Retrievers too. My sister used to have one, Nugget, was his name and he was a sweetheart. I love the name Amber and I’m sure she is a gem and a beautiful girl. I’m happy you can relate to my thoughts here. ❤️🐶

  3. Awe! Copper Boy deserves all the belly rubs he wants. 🙂 Love Labradors; used to have a loving, but mischievous yellow Labrador named, Holly. This was an excellent tribute to your fur baby, Lauren.

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