Thirty-three years to celebrate,
we cruise up the coast
passing lush green hills of January,
gripping the wheel from wind’s thrust.

The plaza pulls us in with its charm,
shops shimmer in their zeal for patrons,
the sun blazes, temperature warm,
windows entice with appealing apparel.

“You look like I need a drink of wine,”
words on a hand towel with pizzazz.
“With every glass of wine comes wisdom,”
a neighboring towel claims to add.

Shelves stocked with crafts, so cheery,
persuading to purchase without effort.
This store carries us to Rose Apothecary.
Where are David and Patrick?

Arches and patios show off twinkle lights
for when the moon shines her splendor.
We feast on pulled pork and slaw,
Chardonnay and Pliny the Elder.

Laughter’s in the air, picnics on blankets,
a man strums and sings like Paul Simon.
A man with a backpack eyes the banquets,
a dog licks his chops with a plan.

Great eats and drinks, and fun souvenirs,
loose cash spent, plastic card dented,
another toast for three more decades,
moments to share, a life so splendid.

Photo: Anniversary flowers ❤️

46 thoughts on “Healdsburg

    1. Thanks for your lovely words and wishes, Marina. I was ready to return and I missed you, even though we see each other on fb. 🙂 Sending lots of love and hugs your way! ❤️🎉❤️🎉

    1. Thanks, John! This was our first time. Isn’t that funny for how long we’ve lived here? We have favorite places, so it was fun to step out of that box and visit somewhere new. I’m glad you liked the poem. And yes, I’m back. The break was needed, but it’s great to return. 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

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