Nature’s Attraction

all are invited
to our patio, indulge
and feel accepted

no need to squabble
there’s plenty to go around
nibble in delight

watching from sidelines
awestruck from the performance
nature’s attraction

Lauren Scott (c) 2021
These aren’t the best photos,
but I was happy to capture
these little friends in action.

37 thoughts on “Nature’s Attraction

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    1. Observing nature anywhere is the perfect place, but our patio has been our sanctuary lately. And watching these little friends has been entertaining. The seed bell is almost gone. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, Mark.

  2. A wonderful poem, Lauren. My sentiments, as well. All are welcome. I also sit on my porch and observe. An entertaining way to spend an afternoon, or even a half-hour rest period. It looks as if we’re both lovers, something in common. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kaye, and for your kind words. That seed bell was very popular and it was so fun watching our feathered friends peck away. It’s nice to have this in common. 🙂

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