More than Coffee…

5:30 am. A song from the old, but reliable Sony radio wakes my husband and I up on work-day mornings. Four years ago, getting up before the sun would’ve been unthinkable, insane. Too dark outside, too quiet. Just too early. Four years later, our minds and bodies have initiated this routine we’re still acquainting ourselves with.

When that song enters into our sleepy minds, whether it’s rock, pop, or country, a new morning has arrived and so has coffee time. One of us heads for the pantry, grabs a filter and the bag of Peet’s for the good old Mr. Coffee pot. It may not be fancy, but it does the job well and has never disappointed. The delicious sound of coffee percolating is music to our ears, and when that music ends, we stroll into the kitchen to doctor up our mugs. Holding those hot cups of coffee, we take a seat in the living room – a quiet place for us to chat, read, or to simply sit together in silence.

During those years of raising our children, time was of the essence. There were never enough minutes in the work and school days to begin with leisure coffee drinking and casual chatting. It was more of a race, eyeballing the clock on the wall every two seconds, getting ourselves and the children ready for the day. Busy was the new normal. Busy was our middle name.

Yesterday, my husband drove out of the driveway on his motorcycle, setting out for a 5-day trip with several buddies. But as I sit on my sofa, lights turned on, with mug of coffee in hand, I think of him. How this early morning feels different. Peet’s remains our go-to coffee, but the taste seems duller, the effect inadequate. The silence in the house, instead of serene, feels empty like something is missing. As I turn the pages of my book, the thrill of finding out what the next page reveals has fizzled.

I realize that our early mornings aren’t just about a good cup of coffee, they’re about us. So I sip the brew anyway, and in a few days, I look forward to hearing the motor of his bike as he pulls into our driveway.

“The simple things are also the extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

~Paulo Coelho

“Love is spending time together.”


Lauren Scott (c) ❤️

44 thoughts on “More than Coffee…

    1. We always miss each other when one of us goes away, John. But when we come home, new conversations are brought to the table. It’s all good. He’s home now. 🙂

  1. Lovely thoughts Lauren. Sitting together and silence – the bliss of togetherness and the drink of our choice… never take it for granted, as these are the most precious moments Lauren. We don’t need to say anything; we know we are for each other. Love and hugs dear friend.

    1. I enjoy my “me” time, too, Janis. But for me, it takes a day or two to get into that mindset because I miss him. So by the time he comes home, I’m enjoying that time alone. LOL! But whenever we go away, we do miss each other. Then we have new things to share when we’re home again. We do look forward to that 24/7 schedule though. A few more years. Sigh. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Lauren, The concept of “simple things” continues to surface, especially this week. You remind me how coffee is part of a ritual, often as individual as we are. You are right how every moment was spoken for when we were raising our children and they lived at home. And, of course our work week. A wonderful phrase and epiphany, Lauren, “they’re about us.” It is nice to have some alone time, yet, I feel the same way. The moment my husband leaves the house, I already miss him. A great post and a great reminder. 💕

    1. Thank you for your lovely thoughts, Erica! I sat there, missing him, and thought to myself, “I have to write this down!” My hubby’s home now, so life returns to normal. 🙂 Enjoy your day, my friend. 💙 💜

  3. Might be the best post I’ve read on wordpress❤ sometimes we become so oblivious to the simple things in life and forget to appreciate it, but it is the gentle reminder by absence that takes us by suprise. From the starting of the post, your casual routine is so well put and reads beautifully and the ending could not have been better.

  4. Lauren, a beautiful and tender post celebrating life, joy and togetherness! It is a blessing when life can slow down a bit and enjoy the simpler things together, when one can afford to take the time off the clock! I bet you’ve been regaled with stories from your husband’s trip away … maybe your turn next? 😀😀 btw. I love the wisdom of Paulo Coelho’s quote- a gem!

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Annika, and I think the next trip will be for both of us as we’re about to become true empty-nesters. It’s an adventure for our son, it’s bittersweet for all of us. A new chapter, and yes, my hubby had great stories, photos, and videos to share. We always miss each other, but new conversations evolve because of those experiences. That quote is simple, yet profound, isn’t it? Hugs!

      1. Lauren, bittersweet moment indeed for parents. Feeling joy at the wings we helped give our children yet missing them. As your son heads out on adventures, so can you and your husband! xx

  5. I so love the routine of sitting with a cup of something in the morning Lauren, coffee is good but my first cup is usually tea and definitely enjoyed in a different way to when my four were racing round in the morning fighting over the bathroom. I then follow it with a small cup of coffee with my breakfast. I feel lost if I have to go anywhere without this morning routine. Im sure you will adjust to your alone time but will be glad when hes back x

    1. I love your routine, too, Alison. After a couple of days, I’m happy with “me” time and then he’s home. 🙂 It’s all good and he is home and safe now. Cheers! ☕️🫖🥰

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