After a rainy, yet cozy Christmas Day, the day after was clear and gorgeous – Nicasio Lake.

Oh, What do you see
As clear as can be?
Hope on the horizon –
A glimmer of possibility!

When you hear the word “expectation” what thoughts come to mind? I immediately recall the many times my expectations of others were unreasonably too high, thus, leaving me extremely disappointed. A lesson learned…

On the other hand, expecting something to occur or to change can also be a form of positive thinking. Here’s how the wheels in my brain have been working lately: after such a tumultuous 2020 that so many are eager to view only from the rearview mirror, I expect the new year that is literally just around the corner, to outshine this current year without question or doubt. A vaccine is already accessible to some and will be available to the rest of us, hopefully, in the first quarter of the new year.

Am I too optimistic? Maybe so…we may have a few more months to mask up and social distance before normalcy arrives again. But I want to believe that we will be able to walk down the street someday soon and see others smile and not just through their eyes. We won’t be so paranoid about dodging droplets and touching surfaces.

So, I choose to be optimistic as we clink our glasses at midnight on December 31st and to expect good things to come after all the stress, loss, and pain. After all, what have we got to lose? When positive thoughts abound, our hearts and minds remain calm, and calm is certainly a place where we should hunker down.

What about you? Will you join me? 💗🥂✨🌟💗

Lauren Scott (c) 2020 💖
New Year Photo: Google

60 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Loved the post.

    Reading about expectation, it occurred to me that from an ‘expectation’ mindset evolves positivity and the ability to unleash oneself to achieve goals.

    Would you agree?


    1. That’s wonderful, Miriam, and believe me, we’re probably more on the persnickety side of being cautious, so I’m with you there. It’s not over ’til it’s over. Cheers, my friend, and Happy New Year! 💗🥂

  2. I think it will take a little longer before things get back closer to normal, but any progress made in that direction will be welcome. More types of vaccines may speed things up considerably.

  3. Beautiful post, in that we all expect everything to return to NORMAL… But the past will never return to be quite the same ever again.. And you know I wouldn’t lie to you… And like your friend delphini510 who advisers caution with the new drops I whole heartedly agree…. Anything that bypasses animal testing to go into human guinea pigs is to be avoided at all costs.. You perhaps may have to do some deep researching on the subject…. But you may well not find it in google… But Bitchute has some very insightful information
    Sending Love and well wishes…. ❤ hope your Christmas was a peaceful one dear friend, and may 2021 bring us into a more enlightened age… of truth and knowledge…. As we raise our vibration to become more aware….
    Lots of loved to you Lauren ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Sue, and I know you wouldn’t lie to me. 🙂 We have been on the extreme side of caution, believe me, and so far so good. But as I said to Miriam, it’s not over ’til it’s over. I always appreciate your thoughts and am sending much love and many hugs to you, too. Our Christmas was mellow but wonderful, can’t and won’t complain when so many are struggling in worse ways. Gratitude plays a big part in moving forward. Cheers, Sue, and wishing you a better, brighter new year and continue to stay healthy, also. 💗🥂🌟✨

  4. I will raise a glass with you Lauren 💕I am hopeful, but also a realist. I believe we have all learned so much this past year. I am also hopeful that we will adjust to a new way of living through various mutations and that science will find an answer. COVID will be here for a while, just as SARS and MERS are with us. We don’t even worry about them as they are monitored and contained. It’s a different world we are entering together. May we support each other and come together in community for 2021. 💕

    1. Here’s to clinking our glasses, Val, and you said it so well! Thanks for your thoughts and you’re right about a different world we’re entering into. But, we can adapt and hope for a brighter year. Have a safe New Year’s Eve! 💗🥂

    1. How you describe yourself is pretty much how I feel, too, Janis. I’m a realist, not naïve, but I also want to think positively because the alternative would mean spiraling into despair. 2020 has been tragic for many and I’m saddened for those who have died and for their loved ones. For my family, the year has been okay with a few minor adjustments. We can’t complain. But I also see good things on the horizon. So, Cheers for a better 2021 and stay safe! 💓🥂

  5. We need hope, otherwise we’ll just wallow in despair. I’m in total agreement with your decision to embrace hope . . . though it’s been a job to kick the negative thoughts to the curbside. All the best for you in 2021, Lauren!

    1. So true, Mark, and I’m glad you agree. But, you’re right about kicking those negative thoughts to the curbside; they won’t be defeated without a good fight. 🙂 Thanks for your wishes and the same to you! Cheers! 🥂☺

  6. Only ‘great expectations’ are pipped at the post. Whereas yours, Lauren, reflect the collective hopes of people everywhere. I join you in hoping for it all to come to fruition.

  7. Lauren, here’s to hunkering down with calm! 😀 To a New Year where togetherness is the norm again, where smiles are present again … even behind the masks I see the sadness in everyone’s eyes at the moment. Wishing you all well in 2021, my dear friend! Xx

    1. I hope 2021 brings exactly what you wish for, Annika, because my wishes are the same. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful new year with good health! Big hugs for brighter days ahead! 💗🥂🎉✨🎊

  8. Gwen M. Plano

    Thank you for your lovely post, Lauren. It might take a while, but with HOPE pulling us forward, we’ll know peace in this coming year. Blessings.

    1. Thanks so much, Gwen! We just have to hold on to Hope, like you said. It’s been nice meeting you this year, too, and I look forward to reading more from you. Happy New Year! 💗🥂🎉

  9. Lauren, I’ll be toasting the New Year (with a cup of tea 😊) along with you tonight. I’m hopeful too that the worst will soon be over, with Covid. And with all the other troubles that humanity is facing right now. Light always replaces the darkness — eventually!
    Love and hugs to you and yours, my friend.

    1. Happy New Year, Betty, and last night when we rang in the new year, it was noisier than ever around our neighborhood, lots of illegal fireworks and cheers. An indicator that many wanted 2020 to end. We can’t complain even though there were some blips; there was also much to be grateful for. But now a new year has begun, so let’s hope for less strife and more cause for celebration. Big hugs to you, dear friend! 💗🎉💗🎉

  10. Beautifully expressed Lauren. We bring what we focus on, so why would we want to focus on anything less than wonderful? ❤ Happy brand new year my friend. ❤ xx

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