Kindness and An Unfortunate Event

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Yesterday, shortly after leaving work, I was driving up a hill going around a blind corner, and the car coming towards me down the hill wasn’t paying attention, hitting my car on the left front. This was a first for me having never been in an accident. When I saw the car coming towards me, I thought he would move over just like all the crazy drivers in similar close calls. This time was different.

Well, no one was hurt, he admitted to being in the wrong, was nice and apologetic. We exchanged all the necessary information, but I was shaken up and could barely write. Ironically, he reacted in the same manner. 

While all this was taking place, a neighbor had witnessed the accident. And when the man who hit me left, the neighbor came out and shared that he has security cameras and will print out photos for me. How nice and timely is this! So, I have two photos for the claim that will come in handy. Then while I was on the phone calling for a tow truck (my car couldn’t be driven), he came out with a cold water, as it was hot in the 90’s. Needless to say, his kindness softened the inconvenient tone to my afternoon.

Then, while I was waiting for the tow truck, a young guy out front a few houses down asked if I was waiting for Triple A, and I said, “yes.” Well, he saw the truck going in the wrong direction. You see, the street I was on was off the beaten path. So, he offered to run down to the bottom of the street and flag the driver down. I asked, “Why would you do that?” His answer was, “Why not? There are kind people in the world.” Wow! Anyway, the truck found me. My poor car is currently in the shop awaiting surgery, and I pick up my rental car this morning.

My message is although the accident occurred, I’m thankful that neither of us were hurt, that the man at fault was compliant and insured, that there was the kind and helpful neighbor, then there was the guy who flagged down the tow truck driver. Kindness managed to shine through in the midst of this unfortunate event. The whole afternoon could’ve had a worse outcome, so I count my blessings. And lastly, please be careful driving around blind corners. 🙂

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Lauren Scott © 2018
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45 thoughts on “Kindness and An Unfortunate Event

  1. I’m so happy you shared your experience with us Lauren. In a world that’s portrayed by the media as bad and evil, we know there is still a lot of love and kindness in our society. I’m relieved to hear you weren’t injured. That must have been so frightening. Be safe! ❤

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Jill. I was truly amazed at the neighbor’s kindness, along with the young guy’s offer to flag down the tow truck. 🙂 It was definitely a “Wow” moment and a reassurance that kindness not only makes a difference, but that it still exists in this crazy world we live in. It was scary at the moment, but I am grateful for the outcome. I just pray that my car is okay now. 🙂 Hugs! 💕

    1. It sure does, and honestly, I was taken back a little – having become too used to people’s entitled attitudes and arrogant drivers lately. Believe me, it was a nice and welcomed contrast.

  2. What an unexpected and nasty experience that spoiled your day.Thank god you weren’t injured.
    It’s hopeful indeed to know that there are still kind and compassionate people in this crazy world we’re living in.Thank you for sharing this unfortunate event with us,it was very thoughtful of you for many reasons.Wishing you a peaceful weekend,dear Lauren ❤ xxx

    1. Thanks, Doda, for your loving comment. I think even though no one was injured, the accident could have really turned my afternoon sour. But because of the kindness shown by the neighbor and young man, the tone shifted into a more acceptable one (as if to say, this too shall pass). 🙂 I picked up the rental car today, then we went to another graduation party of our friend’s daughter. So, it’s been a nice, relaxing day. Thank you, my friend, and I wish you the same. Hugs ❤❤❤

  3. This was so lovely to read. Props to you for looking through the bad situation and reflecting on the kindness the world and people offer. I’m sorry about the accident and I hope your car is in great condition soon!

    1. Thanks so much, Libby, for your kind comment. It probably takes a lot of something to shift the mindset from negative to positive at times like this one, but it goes to show you that kindness is that powerful. 🙂 I hope my car will be fine, too. I appreciate your visit, as well. 🌼🌷

  4. Lauren, so glad you weren’t injured! Still, that would leave one very shaken. It’s nice to know there is still so much kindness in the world. You’re such a kind person yourself, that it doesn’t surprise me you attracted kindness in return.

    Blind corners scare me – they really need to make such roads wider and maybe put barriers down the middle of the road. This kind of accident happens way too often.

    Take care ❤️🌼💞 Am just glad you’re okay!

    1. Thanks, Betty, and what you wrote about me being kind, attracting kindness in return really warmed my heart. Thank you! I’m with you, I don’t like blind corners at all. But we have many narrow roads around here where blind corners are common. So, I continue to hug my side and hope the other driver does the same. 🙂 Thanks again for your concern. I picked up my rental car today, so now we just have to find out the cost of repairs early next week. Hope you’ve had a good Saturday. Hugs! 💗💕🌼

  5. Dear Lauren, first I’m just glad you’re okay but understandably very shaken. Any accident is very scary and with your car so damaged this was bad. I am touched by the kindness that surrounded you after … that is balm for the soul. This is such a heartwarming post and even though I was so worried about you and sad for you, the warmth and compassion you received gives one hope for the world! Hope the car sorts soon. Take very good care of yourself. Big hugs xxx 🤗

    1. Annika, you truly have a way with words. Even your comments are poetic and magical just like your story-telling is in your fiction writing. Just wanted you to know that. 🙂 Thanks so much for your concern and lovely words. Yes, the kindness I received was definitely balm for my soul. I was even taken back a little. I have my rental car, which is very nice, but I hope my car will be okay, too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend, and sending big hugs back! 💕🌻😊

  6. I can understand the trauma of being in an accident…I have seen a few and two nasty ones also. It shakes you for a moment even when you may not be hurt. I am glad you are okay and people around you were kind and nice. I presume your speed must be slow at the blind corner, which saved you. Take care dear friend, have a nice and calm day.

    1. I can see that you understand exactly how it felt, Balroop. It goes to show us how life can change in a heartbeat. One minute I’m leaving work, thinking of my plans for the rest of the day, and minutes later, the accident occurred. You’re right, our speed was slow, which was a saving grace, for sure. It’s true that in times of distress or darkness there is always a bright side. Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of your weekend, as well. Hugs! 🌷🌼🌻

    1. It sure did, Bette. Thank you for your kind words, and I was so taken back by the kindness that I had to focus on it instead of the accident. It really could have been worse, so why get all upset? Hope you’re having a nice weekend! xo

  7. That accident gave the other driver an opportunity to be honest, your neighbour and that other young man to be kind and helpful. You, my dear friend Lauren, were the instrument He used to deliver these opportunities to your fellow man. And perhaps He tested you too, I reckon – and you came out with flying colours 🙂

    Yes, I see it as your week turned out rather well.

    Peace and hugz,

    1. I didn’t look at it the way you described, Eric, but thank you for opening up my eyes, as well. What could’ve been a horrible afternoon turned into nothing more than a mere inconvenience with kindness as the main ingredient. I’m glad I came out with flying colors, also! 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday, my friend…

    1. You’re right, Ian. Those two men and their kindness sure did restore my faith in humanity. Usually these days, I find myself more frustrated with humanity. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Alison, and I guess it was the shock that caused the shakiness since neither of us were hurt. It’s crazy how our bodies react uncontrollably. And Cheers to Kindness, for sure! 🙂 Have a peaceful Sunday! 🌼

    1. Thanks, Andrew! That really was the bottom line, but still, it was scary and a little shocking that it happened in the first place. I’ve had so many close calls where the other driver did move over that I thought this time would be the same scenario. When I realized that he was going to hit me, it surprised me, to say the least. Oh well, all is good and moving on. 🙂 I hope you had a great vacation, too – unsure if you’re back yet or not.

  8. I’m glad everything turned out so well, considering what could have happened.I’m sure that must have been both scary and unnerving. If your car was undriveable, it must have been a considerable impact. There are some nice people around, though that’s not the best way to find them!

    1. Thanks so much, Binky! It was all you said and could’ve been worse. The damage was estimated at $3500, but I’m waiting for a “yes” from the ins. co. to begin repairs. Everyone I’ve worked with so far has been super nice and competent, which is reassuring. You’re right – there are better, less stressful ways to find nice people. 🙂

  9. An ounce of kindness can go a long way in an unfortunate situation. Glad to hear you weren’t harmed and there are still some kind folk left on this planet.

  10. I’m so glad you and the other driver were not hurt, Lauren! That must have been so terrible and shocking. And I’m also glad the there’s still kindness to find in this world that seems to become more and more a place of self-centeredness and ignorance. Hoping your car will come out ok too. Much, much love! 😄❤

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah. All in all, it turned out okay and better than it could have. I’m still waiting on the ins. rep to check out the car and verify that it’s fixable. It’s a 2005 Honda CRV, but I still love it and works great for Copper, too. 🙂 So, we shall see. Hugs, my friend…❤🌼🌸

      1. I will keep my fingers crossed, especially since now I know that you love it and that it works great for Copper. 😉 🙂 ❤

  11. Lauren, I am so happy to hear you weren’t hurt. It is so wonderful that you had so many people step-up when you were in need. I hope your car is recovering well. Sending Love and Hugs, my dear friend.

  12. I am so glad no one was hurt! And I am so sorry you had to go through that, Lauren. But all’s well that ends well. The kindnesses shine their light through the day. Hope your car recovers just as fast and well. Hugs, dear friend.

    1. You are so right, Brandy, and thank you for your kind words and visit, too. 🙂 I was lucky that day for many reasons. The other party’s insurance covered 100% liability and my car is all fixed. It could’ve been worse, so I’m very grateful. ❤

    1. I agree, and I’m so glad you enjoyed this tale of kindness. And I appreciate your relief that I wasn’t hurt, either. Thanks for visiting and following! I’ll visit you soon, too!

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