The 3-Day Quote Challenge #3

Welcome to the 3rd and final day of my 3-Day Quote Challenge, which I was happy to have been nominated by Annika at Thanks again, Annika! This has been fun, but it’s also lead me to some great new quotes. Please visit Annika’s blog if you haven’t already. She’s a fabulous writer of fiction – an amazing story teller!

To the challenge…The rules are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you.
Post a quote on 3 consecutive days.
Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

I found my quote online, which ties into this very special day, my son’s 23rd birthday…

birthday quote

Our son came into our world on 5/9/95, at 3:38 pm. We had our little girl so were elated to have a son. Before our children were born, though, we chose not to learn the gender. We loved the element of surprise and would simply be thrilled with healthy babies. With these thoughts going in, I experienced the same “high” I felt after giving birth to my daughter – a wonderful feeling unlike no other.

As to my son’s purpose, he’ll be graduating from college next month and is still working on his path in life. Many have been blessed to have realized their purpose, and for others, the search continues. This is perfectly okay because there is no time limit, although remember to enjoy the journey, also! 

Regarding birthdays, some choose to skip theirs for fear of aging. This is one aspect of life out of our control, so as I conveyed in my prior post, let’s live life to its fullest and celebrate our special days. Each birthday is another year of life, and getting to blow out candles on a festive birthday cake is not a guarantee. It’s a privilege that many people don’t experience because their lives end sooner than expected.

So, I wish my son a very Happy 23rd Birthday and am so proud of the young man he’s become. I love him and my daughter to the moon and back! And his family is beyond excited to see where his path leads him post graduation.

michael in tokyo 2017
(Photo taken in Tokyo 2017)

I hope you are inspired now to celebrate your special days, to not worry about aging, but instead, to enjoy the possibilities and gifts that each day brings…and if you haven’t figured out your purpose, yet, then keep searching…You may learn something wonderful about yourself along the way…

I’ll leave it up to anyone who would like to take on this quote challenge, instead of nominating individuals. Hope you enjoyed! Lauren ❤






31 thoughts on “The 3-Day Quote Challenge #3

  1. A very Happy Birthday to your son – a very handsome young man! I’m sure his whole day will be extra special, surrounded by the love and warmth of the family – the closeness between you all is palpable from your post. There is no deadline on discovering the why you’re born … and it’s a question that will reveal itself with many different answers during one’s lifetime. May your son enjoy his celebration today and graduation. May he set off with confidence and joy in exploring the world and his place in it!

    I am all for celebrating birthdays and I totally agree, each birthday is special, another year lived when so many have not had that opportunity.

    Lauren, it’s been a delight to read your series of posts and hope many more carry on the challenge. love & hugs xxx

    1. Lauren, with Annika’s wonderful replyto to you I feel like just applaud and celebrate with you. I wish you all a brilliant day with happiness for just being here and together and loving each other.

      Your quote is so true, thank you.

      1. Thanks so much, Miriam! I’m happy you’re applauding and celebrating with us! He has to survive midterms, but he also immersed some celebrating into his day, and the fun will continue throughout the week, too. Then we’ll see him on Saturday, and we can’t wait! I’m glad you liked the quote, and thanks again, for your lovely wishes! ❤🌻🏵

    2. Thanks for your lovely and insightful comment, Annika. I love this sentence, “and it’s a question that will reveal itself with many different answers during one’s lifetime.” So true, and then patience must be present, also.
      My son actually has mid terms all week, yesterday being the toughest one. 🙂 He had dinner plans with friends afterwards, though, and more celebrating tomorrow night. Then we’re visiting him on Saturday to celebrate his birthday and Mother’s Day. So, all in all, I think it was and will be a good birthday week! I’m glad you agree in celebrating our special days when many people don’t get the chance. How can we deny a gift so great, a gift not to be taken for granted?
      I’m truly happy you enjoyed my quotes. Although they came to me out of the blue, it was fun to merge them with my life events. Thanks again for thinking of me!
      I hope others take the challenge, too. We shall see! Sending lots of hugs and love your way! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday to your son, Lauren! What an exciting time he has in front of him what with his graduation and all! You must be so proud of him! And yes to celebrate each and every year! I normally don’t do much on birthday but it’s less because the aging thing which like you pointed perfectly out is something to be glad about but more that I prefer it that way. But don’t get me wrong – a huge lovely cake is always included. 😉 Again Happy Birthday to your son! 😄🍰🎉

    1. Thanks, Sarah, and yes, we’re so proud of him and excited, too, to see which path he chooses. Well, even though you’re not into birthdays much, enjoy that cake each year. If there’s one time we can “eat our cake” it’s on our special days. 🙂 Thanks again, and since it’s very close, I’m wishing you a fabulous Friday! Big hugs, too! ❤🎉😊

  3. Wow! With birthday boys around you to celebrate…age is just a number Lauren! Your son is so handsome and dashing, I am sure you must be looking at him with pride in your eyes, a moment every mother craves for! I am all for celebrating special moments as they give us eternal memories to cherish. Can we ever forget them? Birthdays are really special for parents, as they keep the delight of moments fresh in our minds…a day when we embarked on a new journey…a path we love to tread despite all the challenges it brings.

    I appreciate your choice of quotes and linking them to life… speaks volumes about your creativity. May seems to be a blessed month for you…with Mother’s Day just a few days ahead and fragrance of flowers all around…celebratory mood continues! Wishing your son a Happy Birthday and a wonderful life ahead.

    1. Dear Balroop, thanks so much for what you wrote about my son, and yes, I (and my husband) are super proud of him. You also nailed it with your thoughts on birthdays and on parents. I’m glad you enjoyed my quotes and how I linked them to life. That wasn’t intended, but with these past events coming up, it seemed like a good idea. 🙂

      Our son is in the middle of midterms this week, but is managing to squeeze in some celebrating, too. We’ll see him on Saturday to celebrate his birthday and Mother’s Day. Fortunately, my daughter won’t have to work, so the four of us will be together. As our children get older and begin to pave out their lives, it’s really great when we’re all together. I’m sure many parents can relate. I tend to get a little sappy. 😉 Anyway, thanks again for your kind words and wishes. Love and hugs!

  4. What a great quote! Happy birthday to your handsome son, Lauren. As I approach my 53rd birthday, I don’t think about the number. I’ve lived with Crohn’s Disease since my early 20’s. With better treatment available, I feel better now than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. Death doesn’t check ID, so the number really doesn’t matter. Enjoy the celebration!

    1. Thanks, Jill, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had Crohn’s disease all these years. But, I’m also happy you’re feeling better, too. That’s the blessing as medical technology advances, people have better options. I feel pretty good at 57, but have a few little health issues that are life-changing, but not life-threatening. Sometimes, I feel 35, and sometimes, I feel 85! 🙂 Overall, though, I can’t complain, and do my best to celebrate each year because you’re right, Death doesn’t check ID – well said! Thanks again and take care! 🌼🌻🌷

  5. Hello Lauren,

    A very happy birthday to your son.

    I like what you say here: “We loved the element of surprise and would simply be thrilled with healthy babies.”

    Same with Lisa and me – we did not go looking to confirm our babies’ gender – all we wished for was healthy babies. Praise and thank the Lord, we are the proud parents of 3 healthy (adult) children.


    1. Thanks so much, Eric, and it’s great to know of another couple who made the same choice as us. It seems nowadays everybody wants to know, which is fine, but we wanted to be surprised. If there were ten fingers and ten toes, we were absolutely elated! 🙂
      And I’m so happy you have three healthy children also! As you can see, our son just turned 23, and our daughter will be 27 in Sept. How old are yours? Anyway, thanks again, and TGIF in advance! 🎉🎉🎉

      1. My eldest daughter is 35, our son is 31 and the youngest girl is 27. Yeah, 4 year gaps. It sounds crazy – “spreading out” the children but it worked for us. By the time the next child came along, the previous child was past the diaper/potty stage and 2 hour lunch feeds. LOL.

        All good wishes for the weekend, Lauren, dear friend,
        P/s Its Friday here and I’m living in your future 🙂

      2. I understand the age difference, which also worked out for us. And you living in my future cracked me up!! Happy Friday then! 😊🎉👏🏻

  6. Wishing him a wonderful birthday! You’re right that it takes time for many people to realize their life purpose – it can’t be rushed.. Big hugs to you and family ❤

    1. Thanks, Christy! He’s had some fun in the midst of midterms that are now finished! More celebrating tonight with friends, then we’re visiting him tomorrow. Can’t wait! Big hugs to you, too, and have a great weekend! 💗🌼🌻

  7. I agree, there is nothing better than watching your children step out and become truly amazing adults and that feeling of pride in your children never ends. Our oldest is 46 and our youngest is 34. I am in awe that I produced them and they’ve become stellar human beings. Enjoy your children today and every day. Love and hugs.

    1. I echo everything you said, Michelle, and feel the same awe with my children. We have both been blessed, no doubt, so let’s continue to embrace them and our gratefulness. Sending lots of love and many hugs back to you!

  8. That’s a great quote, and a lovely story to go with it. I’m participating in this challenge, although I haven’t been tagged by anyone, I’m just joining in but enjoying finding quotes posted by others.

    1. Thanks, Georgie, and please feel free to participate. Nominating others takes a little more time, which is why I left it open for anyone. I hope to see your quotes, and thanks again for visiting!

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