Steadfast Devotion

romantic perrenials

Even if a storm
drenches us
in anger and hurt,
don’t walk away
No matter what
happens in any
given day,
I’m on your side
Take my hand
Feel comfort in
my embrace
Let me trace
the tears you cry
You should know
our world is the
only place I
choose to reside
But if you leave,
assure me
You’ll come back,
like the perennials
return to their gardens
Happy endings
aren’t only found
in paperbacks

If you’d like another option, below is the audio link:

Lauren Scott 2017
Photo: Google Images


29 thoughts on “Steadfast Devotion

      1. You’re welcome! I noticed that you’d somehow fallen off my reader and email notifications so I’m behind reading your posts. It seems to happen on WP now and then. That, and having trouble keeping up. Please stay in touch! 😊

      2. I noticed that for some blogs I follow, too, and it’s so frustrating because my tech savvy skills only go so far. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, and I need to catch up on yours, as well. No worries, just visit when you can. 🙂 💗

      3. Will do, and you also. We’ve both been here on WP a long time (six years here) and so many of our old friends have disappeared from blogging – so it’s good to stay in contact with others who’ve stuck it out. 😁💕

      4. I agree and was just reminiscing about that recently too, since I’ve returned from another blog break. This blogging realm is a whole new world. 😊 💖

    1. Thanks so much, Marina! I’m trying audio for something new and challenging, and it’s still strange hearing my own voice. So, I appreciate your comment. 🙂 Big hugs, my friend 💕

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