I am honored to have had The Drabble accept my submission and choose to publish my poem. They also paired it with the most perfect image. I’ve also enjoyed their other posts, as well, and I encourage you to visit their site, too.


By Lauren Scott

His mind floated through life
where it couldn’t be stopped,
even his logic kept flight

Her face controlled his dreams
as he struggled between the
crevices of reality
below the moon’s supervision

He desired to write poetry,
wordless poetry on her silky skin,
how the touch and taste of her
would be rich to his spirit

But knowing she was far
out of reach,
her whispered kisses
wove softly through his fingers

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19 thoughts on “Mirage

  1. Wow – this is beautiful. I love the thought of wanting to write wordless poetry on someone’s skin. I’ve really missed your poetry. I hope you were able to enjoy the ocean out there on the west coast over the summer!

    1. Thanks, Sheila, and yeah, that is an appealing thought, isn’t it? 😉 And thank you for your kind words about missing my poetry. I never thought I’d return again because I was lacking inspiration to write. But, here I am. So, I hope you enjoy all that you read.
      We did enjoy the ocean, especially when we backpacked along the coast in July. The waves were a bit rugged though, but still beautiful. Have a great weekend, and it’s nice to see you again, too! ☺❤

  2. Wow! This is beautiful. “Her face controlled his dreams” paints such a vivid picture of a man being totally under her spell. Congratulations on the publication of this poem. Love and hugs, my dear friend.

      1. The weekend was lovely, but the start of the week promises nearly 2 inches of rain. LOL. Anymore that old adage, “when it rains, it pours” can be taken literally.

  3. ‘He desired to write poetry,
    wordless poetry on her silky skin,
    how the touch and taste of her
    would be rich to his spirit’

    Beautifully written, remarkable in their imagery.


  4. wow – this is so beautiful – I wanted to play your words on piano…
    “She thirsted for love, but found only a mirage. Some hearts are a desert you can die wandering in.”

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