Happy 7th Birthday to Our Forever Puppy!!


Copper in Autumn by Steph 2016

Copper by Michael 2

Happy 7th Birthday, Copper!!

I remember where you lived
as we walked to the door,
a little cramped for three
dogs on one tiny floor

But after a ten-minute walk
we took you to our car,
you jumped in the back
and it was only the start

You couldn’t see how
your life was changing
We had no idea just how
much we’d be gaining

I wonder where you’d be
if we hadn’t seen that site
Nothing matters now, though,
because everything is right

Lauren Scott 9.27.17
Adoption date: 3.27.12 ❤️
Photo credit to my Son & Daughter


15 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday to Our Forever Puppy!!

    1. Thanks, Marina! Copper appreciates your birthday wishes, and he had a great day! 🙂 I’d love to see photos of your adopted queen, too. Let me know if there are any on your blog or fb. Sending Copper kisses your way! 🎂❤

      1. Aww, she is beautiful! I love her markings, and doesn’t it feel good adopting a dog, knowing they are going into a loving home? We adopted Lucky Girl years ago and she was with us for ten years before she moved on to doggie Heaven. Then came Copper…we both send hugs and kisses 🙂

      2. It feels wonderful [to say the least] adopting a dog. Loretta [Hera’s “predecessor” and also now in doggie Heaven] was an ex stray we took home as a puppy. We adopted Hera 15 months ago and she was already 2,5yrs old and I still haven’t found the right words to express the joy she’s brought to our home and our hearts! 🐾💐🐾💐🐾💐🐾💐

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