Perfect Imperfections

I am flawed
You are flawed
We are perfect
for each other

LS 2016

(Really, enough said, right? If anyone is searching for that perfect partner,
they’re wasting their time. When you love someone, you love them for
their wonderful qualities and for all of their imperfections, too – the
components to their personality or appearance that they most likely
try to hide. That is where true love to the depths of our hearts comes alive. ♥)

41 thoughts on “Perfect Imperfections

  1. Your words are the reality. Too often people look for story book beginnings and endings and can’t understand why they can not find a life partner. No person is perfection.

  2. Terribly & wonderfully flawed by Divine crafting! Hi sweetie. I had a second or two of clarity and remembered to visit you for a change 😀 Love it & you
    Blessings w/ bear hugs

    • Aww, thanks, Terri! This post of imperfections has been more popular than I anticipated. 🙂 It’s always great to see you here and love you, too, my sweet friend! Sending some bear hugs back to you! ♥

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