Checking in

Dear Friends,

It’s been over three months since I’ve been in blogland, and I’m still unsure of my plans. But I wanted to say “hello” and see how you’re doing. I’ve been busy in school, taking another English class and writing a lot. However, I haven’t written poetry since I left for my blog break. Inspiration has been scarce, but hopefully I’ll find some soon. Anyway, I hope the new year has been great to you so far, and I wish for the coming months to be just as wonderful!

I’m closing with an old haiku from years ago and wishing you all a very Happy Friday! Sending much love, Laurenβ™₯


First Light

waking up early
peeking over the hilltop
its rays hug with warmth

Lauren Scott @ 2011
Photo: My son

44 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Hi Lauren, delighted to hear from you. I was thinking of you only the other day and here you are!
    Glad to hear that you’re doing a lot of writing and I hope the family are well.
    Take care and be sure to keep in touch.

    1. Thanks, Jean, and it’s good to see you! I hope all is well in your world, too! I’m enjoying the essay writing; now if only some poetic thoughts would graciously come my way. πŸ™‚ I’ll visit your blog soon and I look forward it! β™₯ xo

  2. Lovely to know you are still around Lauren, enjoy your time out on Blog break, it is good to take time out, as Word press can become a Chore instead of Pleasure.
    Kind regards and Best wishes.

    1. Thanks, Ian, and you’re so right. Between life events and school, blogging was thrown to the back burner, but I’ve returned again slowly, until the next break. πŸ™‚ Hope all is well and see you soon on your site!

  3. Good to see you Lauren and know you are well.. You have to follow your heart dear friend.. Lots of people have been taking time out from blogland recently.. Even me πŸ˜‰ Just so good to know you are OK .. Sending you lots of love and just keep following your intuition .. And the poetry will come back when it is meant to..
    Love and Lots of Blessings sent to you and yours Lauren.. Take care of you..
    Hugs Sue xxxx

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Sue. It’s so good to see you again and I won’t force the poems; they’ll come when or if they’re ready again. But I do look forward to visiting you and other blogs, and maybe I’ll find inspiration. Sending lots of love and blessings back to you, my friend…and many hugs! πŸ™‚ β™₯ xoxo

  4. Taking a break from blogs in a good choice at times… I am glad to read your haiku- which is beautiful- and to hear your updates… Very good luck with your projects. Aquileana ⭐️…

    1. Blog breaks are good, Aquileana. I’ve taken several in the last five years, and I know this one won’t be my last either. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes, and hopefully I’ll have some new poetry to share in the near future. Take care! β™₯

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