A Summer Hello

Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking about you, so I thought I’d send a little note to see how you’re all doing. Maybe I’ve been forgotten, but hopefully not. 🙂

So here’s a little academic update…I was going to take a summer class, but then life intercepted and I chose not to. I’ve already registered for fall though, so I’ll get back into the routine later this month, and I’m taking the last English class needed.

So what’s new with you? How has your summer been? My husband and I spent a week in Lake Tahoe and had a great, relaxing time. Below are a few photos, and I hope life is treating you all well! Sending my love, Lauren ♥

Checking in

Dear Friends,

It’s been over three months since I’ve been in blogland, and I’m still unsure of my plans. But I wanted to say “hello” and see how you’re doing. I’ve been busy in school, taking another English class and writing a lot. However, I haven’t written poetry since I left for my blog break. Inspiration has been scarce, but hopefully I’ll find some soon. Anyway, I hope the new year has been great to you so far, and I wish for the coming months to be just as wonderful!

I’m closing with an old haiku from years ago and wishing you all a very Happy Friday! Sending much love, Lauren♥


First Light

waking up early
peeking over the hilltop
its rays hug with warmth

Lauren Scott @ 2011
Photo: My son

Hello Update :)

Hi Everyone,

This is a simple “hello” to wish you
a wonderful weekend and to let you know
that I’ve been sick the last few days,
so once again, I’ve lost momentum with blogging…arrrgh!
Additionally, this weekend, we have family from out of town visiting,
so I won’t return to blogging until next week.

Be happy and healthy and I’ll see you soon!

Lauren (((Hugs)))

Photo: Google Images

Summertime Wishes :)

Here’s wishing you all

fun and happy beginnings

to the summer fast approaching

School is now a subject in the past

so dab a little sunscreen,

run out and have a blast!

We’re busy with end of year activities this weekend,
so this is just a simple “hello”  and I’m sorry to be missing your
wonderful posts, but I’ll return soon (hope I’m not forgotten)  🙂

and sending wishes for a wonderful weekend!  xx

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