Finding a Balance when life throws a curve ball

Dear Friends,

I’m adding another plug for my latest book Finding a Balance. To purchase a copy, paperback or e-book, any of the links below will direct you to the right place depending on the preferred site. All you need to do is click specifically on the words Xlibris, Amazon or Barnes and Noble and you’ll be on that site.

BOOK COVER FINAL 1.26.15This collection of poetry is a compilation that speaks often of my emotions and spirit after finding out about my daughter’s illness three years ago. But in contrast to this sadness, I possess a romantic soul and am blessed to have celebrated close to twenty-seven wonderful years of marriage to my husband and best friend. So from darkness to light, through faith and romance, I find strength to move forward. This book takes the reader on a ride of different emotions evoked from life and love.

My Publisher, Xlibris:


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All proceeds go to The Chris Klug Foundation in honor of my daughter. Chris had the same disease in his twenties, underwent a liver transplant, then became the first transplantee to win in the Olympics (2002). He is a professional snow boarder and lives in Aspen, Colorado, now in his early forties. Please also feel free to share this post with others who you think might be interested in helping with this cause and who enjoys poetry.

chris klug foundation


His mission is to spread the vital importance of becoming an organ donor; offering second chances. Please visit his site for more information.

I sincerely hope you’ll help with this cause, as the only reward I’m receiving is the knowledge that others are becoming organ donors. Some day my daughter may need a second chance…Thank you so much and if you do purchase a copy, I hope you enjoy its contents, Lauren ♥

“This isn’t a post for sympathy, but a request to help with a cause important to my family. My daughter is fine now, with occasional symptom flare-ups, but the disease is slow progressing and there is no certain timeline showing when things will get worse. Of course, we continue to pray for a healing miracle.”








24 thoughts on “Finding a Balance when life throws a curve ball

    1. There is a free kindle app offered on Amazon for reading books on tablets, smartphones, and computers, Binky. But I’m not that tech savvy, so this is the best I can do. I don’t even own a kindle, so I’m not even familiar with that “reading world” yet. I hope this helps and thanks so much for your interest.

      1. I didn’t know there was a Kindle app for computers.

        When I bought it, there was also a PDF format file available, so I downloaded that one instead.

  1. It must be very remarkable,dear Lauren!Glad it comes out “in real paper”.I find it so convenient and very personal,I keep it in my hands,I highlight whatever I love to reread and write notes on it anytime I want -you can do the same with ebooks-but it makes a big difference.Doesn’t it?Wishing you every possible success,you deserve it,dear friend 🙂 xxx

    1. I love the physical book copy, too, Doda, and haven’t even ventured into the e-book world, yet. Thanks so much for your kind words and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs and Blessings! xxx

    1. Oh wow, that is wonderful and to have a living donor, too. I’m so happy for you! A living donor is also an option for our daughter, and our son and a friend of hers has offered, but it all depends on the timing and circumstances. My husband or I would have offered in a heartbeat, but the age cap is fifty; we’re a few years past fifty, so unfortunately, we can’t offer, which saddened us. We feel helpless most of the time…
      Thanks so much for all your lovely words and for sharing on Facebook, too. The cover is a photo I took in Sausalito. I thought it was perfect, too. 🙂 Thanks again, Victoria, and have a great weekend! xx

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