Wanting the Moon

That touch of lips
never having a chance,
the intimacy of arm in arm
missing its first dance,
the quiet talking
late into the night
while the moon 
provided its light,
those moments imagined
when bodies were one
giving depth of love
until evening was done,
Reality is strong and

you are but a vision,
I am just a dreamer
with my heart, imprisoned

Lauren Scott © 2015


Waves picasa 2014 posted 9.1.14I am honored to have collaborated
with Scott, http://evokingthedeep.wordpress.com/ 
combining his gorgeous photography and my writing.
I hope you enjoy the beauty and serenity of this scene.



My mind won’t rest
with you in my dreams
and the breeze outside
my window
singing a wistful tune
under the spell
of the moon
and when I wake
at dawn
you rise with the sun
you’re in everything
I do
and all that’s been
done in my day
Oh, how I’m missing you

LScott © 2013