“Finding a Balance” is available!

Dear Family and Friends,

My book, “Finding a Balance” is now available on my publisher’s site, Xlibris,
Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The links are below if you’d like to order a copy
and I want to thank you all in advance for your support to my writing, but most importantly, to the awareness of my daughter’s disease, PSC, and to becoming an organ donor.

More information is found on my prior blog post: http://lscotthoughts.com/2015/01/12/working-on-finding-a-balance/





ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE CHRIS KLUG FOUNDATION, which is dedicated to promoting lifesaving donation and improving the quality of life for donors, donor families, organ transplant candidates and recipients.

chris klug foundation(chrisklugfoundation.org)

Please also feel free to visit my Published Work Page
on the tab 
beneath my header.

Much love to You All! Lauren ♥

45 thoughts on ““Finding a Balance” is available!

  1. Congratulations Lauren! I’ll be purchasing the Kindle edition :-). I wish you great success with the book, and hope the energy of love you share balms the souls of you and your family as the universe brings it right back to you and covers you all with light. Wishing you much love, my friend. xoxo

    1. Aww, Angela, the way you write just melts me. 🙂 Thank you, my friend, for all your support and friendship along the way. I appreciate them so much even though we both might fall off the blogland circuit for awhile…we always come back. 🙂 Sending you much love and many hugs! xoxox ♥
      p.s. I hope you enjoy the book, too. 🙂

    1. Thanks again, Diane, for everything! I’m repeating myself so I’ll keep my feelings brief because you already know them! I just received my author’s copy and am happy with how it turned out. There are a few things I forgot to implement but they’re not vital. There will always be shoulda, coulda, woulda’s, I imagine, but I think I’m happier with this book a little more than the first. The first was simply that, the first time process so it was like a practice. Anyway, I know you can understand..sending much love and many hugs! ♥ xoxo

      1. I’ve received, read and so enjoyed your lovely anthology and hope to write a review before too long. As I go through the edits with my next novel, I can’t believe how I’m always finding something to change/tighten-up, etc. Getting close to the point of letting it go to how ever many or few will set their eyes on it. So I know about the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s! Best of luck with Finding A Balance – and hope it brings much needed resources to a great charity! XO ❤

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Christy! I hope you enjoy and I’m feeling a little more excited about this book than the first because of obvious reasons and just some simple ones…anyway, thanks for everything! I am blessed to have met you in this vast, virtual world…Big Hugs and tons of love to you, too! ♥

      1. I feel blessed to have met you too, Lauren. You are a pro at publishing now!! You can say you have a ‘collection’ of published works ❤ I send you many hugs and enjoy the moment (along with knowing you are making an incredible contribution by donating the funds). HUGS

    1. Aww, thank you, Doda, it’s all for a great cause close to my heart, so I hope sales go well. It’s not for me this time, only in a personal way, not monetary this time…sending much love your way! ♥

    1. Thanks, Sue! It is, especially with the cause behind it. 🙂 I just received my author’s copy and I’m happy with the outcome; actually a little more than the first. Sending much love! xo

  2. Would you like me to feature your book on my next post Lauren? I can also place it in the sidebar for a few weeks too – if that would help? I like to do that every so often. Selling books is not an easy task, every link will hopefully help. If you would be interested, let me know. 🙂

    1. Wow, Suzy, that would be awesome and very nice of you! I feel bad because I’m not blogging right now; maybe once a month, while working on other tasks at home. But if you’d like to do that I can’t say no. 🙂 And I would greatly appreciate it, too. I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting blogs lately. 😦 Anyway, hope you are well and keep me posted with your plans. Big Thanks and many hugs!

      1. That will be great! I shall give a reference it’s for raising money for the Chris Klug Foundation too, might help more readers click on the link. It will be either the first or the second week of May, because that will be the last post I do before I take a break myself for a while. It’s good to take breaks. No-one ever warns you when you start a blog how difficult it can get to fit it all round your life! I hope things are okay with you and your family? Enjoy your break Lauren! 🙂

      2. That would be wonderful and so nice of you, Suzy, thank you with big hugs! I know a lot who are taking blog breaks so there must be something in the air. 🙂 All is fine here but I’m working on other things at home not on the computer. I am returning back to school in the fall to work towards an English degree after three decades. 🙂 So I’m not sure if blogging will still be on the agenda but I’m excited. Hope all is well with you, too, and thanks again! ♥

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