Tiny Hands

Thinking of Mother’s Day early,
I’m re-posting this from 11.12.11~

I am little, not tall at all
I can do more than crawl
I’m eager to touch all I see
I can almost pat your knee
I give you a hug and a kiss

I see you’re in pure bliss

I give you a warm smile

I can tell it’s worthwhile

I giggle (music to your ears)

I see you laugh and I see tears

I like when you call me “small fry”

I know I’m loved even when I cry

I’m irresistible to your heart

I’m like a tiny work of art

I make you melt when in your arms

I hold your love with all my charms

I’m cuddly like a teddy bear

I know nothing can compare

I know you love each other

I know your love made me

I’m just thankful we’re together
I’m happy you’re my family

This photo is of my daughter, taken 18 years ago~
© LScott 2011

41 thoughts on “Tiny Hands

  1. Julie Catherine

    Aww, Lauren, this is a delightful poem! I love that it’s written from the perspective of your daughter … just lovely! ~ Julie xoxox

    1. Thanks, Scott, yes, she’ll be 21 this year! How did that happen? 🙂 Well, she will always be my little girl and that’s so great that you have a little girl, too! They are precious and she is lucky to have a Dad like you, too!

    1. Thank you so much, Soma! Yes, she’ll be 21 this year! It’s amazing how time flies, but you’re right, they’ll always be our lil babies! Thanks for the adorable hugs, too! xoxo

  2. Caddo Veil

    I know I’m supposed to comment on your poem, but it’s the picture which grabs my heart and makes me smile–and want to scoop her up!! She’s adorable!!!

  3. Your little baby is now a beautiful princess, Lauren, I too have been blessed with an adorable son and daughter. And yes, how time flies, and yet our children will always be the most priceless treasures and God-given gifts to share this life with!

    1. Thanks, Cynthia, I’m happy that you’ve been blessed with both, too. As long as they’re healthy, that’s what counts, but it is nice to have a son and daughter. My son is almost 17 and my daughter will turn 21 soon. But, they’re still as priceless as ever! May Gob Bless you and your family, too! xo

      1. Yea time does move on. My oldest grand child is 10 about to be 11 and the babies, are cousins six months apart are 8. You love your babies, wait until you have babies from your babies. Oh they steal what’s left of your heart.

      2. I know they will, but we’re definitely not “there” yet and hopefully, won’t be for awhile…the latter years of h.s. need finishing for my son and college is in progress for my daughter..enjoy all of your babies! It sounds like you have a wonderful family! 🙂

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